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Booked my Medical

Doctor office called and asked to rebook
I rebooked on their day of choice

I arrived right on time

Completed a form
The clinic was busy
The receptionist was greeting people
Another person came out and advised they would take me to a room
I had my Son with me
Went into a room - noticed a man across the hall and waited patiently for the doctor
The same woman that saw me into the room told me to jot down my height and weight
She left, and she came back
Said they could not cancel the appointments today last minute but the Doctor is not coming in today.
What's going to happen is I am going to send you for an xray, send you for blood work, the Doctor will review and send to the DIBP
I said - Who will gather my medical history etc?
She says - Is there anything you want to tell me?
I said - Like?!
She says - Like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems etc
I said - No
She took me to front desk where I paid the fee and left for the xray.
NONE of this sat well with me.
As I waited (A long time at that) to have an xray - I asked the person I saw across the hall - Are you okay with this?
He said, with what?!
I said - The fact that the Doctor didn't see us?
He said - You paid your fee didn't you? You're here aren't you?
I instantly felt sick and immediately realized what was going on -
I am still asking myself - Why did it take so long for it process?
My son was acting up.
I didn't know what to expect. I called my spouse immediately.
I left the xray clinic and went back to the office and demanded my money back and said I am not doing this here.
They asked why - Something else happened, but I don't wish to discuss as it's not relevant - but it was the other piece that stopped me from proceeding.
I should not have brought my Son ultimately (I will know for next time)
They said the Point of Sale debit/credit machine could not work to reverse the payment - even though they tried.
They returned it by another method.
I took my paperwork back - including my passport pic and passport and left.
I was upset. Frustrated. Pissed off.
I left a message for another Clinic - further away, but I Felt better that I went about this the right way and did not proceed.
I haven't heard back from the other doctor office. I decided to login to my immi acct and find the other doctors office and book it.
Guess what I found?!

The Panel Physician I walked away from has hit submit.

This is what it says now.
A panel clinic is currently processing this person's health examination(s) in eMedical. This screen will be updated once this person's case has been submitted to the department for processing. This may not occur until all results are finalised after the person has left the clinic. Ongoing delays should be followed up with the clinic in relation to the progress of your health examination results. Do not contact the department about this matter.

I don't know what to do.
I don't know who to call.
I am worried they will leave it hanging and they will come back to me never.
On record, I paid for the exam.
They have no history on me or results. Will it come back as abandoned?

I am shaking as I write this.

I am here anonymously, but I contribute to this board regularly.

I was thinking of calling the clinic tomorrow to get it fixed - but what if they didn't change it because they don't want to be flagged?
What if they submit what they had to mess with our application?
This is offshore by the way.

Short of calling AHC in Australia - ideas?

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You must report this to the Immigration Department. You can do this online. Don't worry about reporting it we take integrity very seriously in Australia.
I called the Sydney Citizenship and Immigration line.
I held for 40 mins.
I spoke with a CO - said every country manages their office differently but so long as a physician reviews the case it should be alright :eek:

He pulled up our case and said for our stage that the medical has been entered but nothing has been added yet (obv there is no medical complete!)
He said to attend another office and complete it.
I called to another office and have an appointment mid-week next week.

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I am very uncomfortable with all of this.
I do not want any drama for my family.
I spoke with the doctor's office and they were willing to accommodate me also to see the doctor at another appointment.

I am not disagreeing with any points made, but why might I need to refer to this in the future?
Forgive me if I seem ignorant. I just don't want any flags on our file :(

Feeling so discouraged and upset.

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Im not really seeing the issue here. My Fiance recently completed her medical in the Philippines. I was with her in the waiting room. After paying and completing the forms she then had all the tests done by a variety of different clinic staff. She never seen or spoke to an actual Doctor. The Dr just looked over the results of all the tests and signed off later. It was all cleared and passed by Immi within 24 hours

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I would avoid using the phone, you may need to refer to this in the future - so you need it in writing.
"All phone calls are recorded for training and coaching purposes" haha

My understanding is that with all government departments that all incoming phone calls are recorded.

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Australian Embassy
Migration Office
To whom it may concern

An unsigned and misdated letter from the Australian
embassy has arrived. This letter requests that I present for a
repeat p.a. x-ray so that my medical eligibility for migration
can be decided. I have complied with this request.
There are many unsatisfactory features of the
medical procedures required in my case and, I believe, more
generally. I intend to bring the general matters to the
attention of appropriate authorities in Australia. In the
present circumstances, I feel that it could be of some value
for you to have an outline of my views:
I am advised that there is no safe dose of x-rays. I
am concerned about being irradiated unnecessarily. I am
distressed by the fact that, to meet your requirements, I am
compelled by you to attend a medical centre of questionable
competence. I could say unquestionable incompetence.
My children were sent with no supervision to a
lavatory and were told to produce specimens-two
teenagers and one younger. If my husband had not been
there, they might have pissed in each other's pockets. There
is lot of that going on. New x-ray equipment was in place,
after about two hours of trials on patients the radiographer?
frankly admitted that nobody there could operate it. Patients
who had been waiting to be irradiated were sent to the old
equipment and were hastily rushed through.
We were compelled to sign blank medicaldeclaration
forms provided by the Australian embassy. We
were informed that medical data we had hand-written on
typed sheets would be transcribed to the forms and sent to
the embassy. When my husband objected to this we were
told that it was always done this way.
After we made a point of enquiring, we were assured
that the x-ray films were technically adequate. They are my
property. I intend to claim them and have them evaluated, if
they are not eaten by the dog that ate my file. I am not an
animal and I object to being dealt with as if I were. I am not
stupid either-accredited practitioners. Bullshit. You can
smell the payola. Why not let me have a repeat x-ray done in
the province and send it to you? Are the Australian medicos
who deal with such matters unable to read an x-ray film and
decide whether it depicts the same person as two they
already have? Or did you lose them? Why don't we send a
picture of an ape and see if they spot the difference?
Have fun!
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