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Hi guys, :)

My partner is applying for his Temp/Permanent Partner Visa, but was wondering what he needs for the application in regards to evidence and whether he would be excempt from the first stage of the application...

I'm an Aussie, he's a Brit. :D
-together officially since May 2016.
-registered our relationship under Victorian state before leaving Australia in December 2016.
- expecting a baby boy in March 2019. :D
-have been living on leases for over a year now in NZ
-have a joint bank account
-social circles to support us in NZ, Aus and in the UK

We are only moving back to be closer to family for the birth and have a preferred up-bringing there etc so we really need this granted and want the best chance possible!
He currently has a valid ETA, and were hoping to apply onshore asap - if possible? We checked and he doesn't have the no further stay on the ETA, so we are able to apply this way, right?

Now, what kind of information do we still need to provide or not need to provide, considering we are already a registered couple under Victoria, are expecting a baby, and have been together over 2 years?

Would we still need to provide all information such as a relationship statement etc to support our relationship?

We have that all ready to go but we are also just super unsure if he would be granted the Temporary straight way or if we would still be waiting for the first stage of the Permanent Visa application.....
it's all so confusing and stressful!


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Everyone applying for a partner visa must provide all of the appropriate evidence, regardless of how long they've been together. Follow the checklist on the visa website.

What you're referencing is long term relationship criteria. A few things about it: Everyone still makes the combined 309/100 or 820/801 application. If LTR criteria is met (and evidence provided for that time), the two year waiting period between application and Stage 2 eligibility can be waived. Everyone still does Stage 1 and waits as per normal wait times, but TR and PR would be granted simultaneously if the two year period is waived.

Criteria for LTR: We consider you have been in a long term relationship, at the time you lodged your application, if you had been with your partner for either:

three years or more
two years or more and you and your partner have a dependent child of your relationship.

You will need to provide documents that show you have been in your relationship for this length of time and if applicable, that you have a dependent child.

Unless you apply after the child is born, it is not yet a dependent child of the relationship. The child must be born to be considered as such. So unless you've been de facto/married for 3+ years at time of application, you don't qualify to have the two year period waived.
thankyou so much for your response! This has been quite helpful!
Unfortunately won't make the 2yrs with baby by just a month or two it seems... but that's okay.
thanks again :)

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Hey! Your situation is quite similar to ours, and I wrote a whole blog post about exactly what evidence we submitted and general advice, but I don't think I'm allowed to post links. I wrote about general advice, our situation as me Aussie and him British, he was on a tourist visa, etc. We got ours all approved! It's too long to all post but I'll at least post the evidence we submitted which answers your question more directly.

Here's the list of evidence we submitted:

(In no particular order, which is as I command, because there's no point organising and grouping your evidence in advance, cos the list the government website has is very different to the way it's arranged once you've got your application open)

  • all the identity documents for us both: passports, birth certificates, passport type photo for partner, and recent police checks we already happened to have (don't do new ones until they ask for them, because they may expire before being assessed. Same for health assessment)
  • airbnb confirmation and host's review of us as guests, from our first week in Australia
  • bank letters to my dad's address in Aus (our new base until we got established)
  • 3x Form 888, done by my cousin (who we'd visited together and had invited us to her wedding), my dad (who obviously knew us both and we'd visited multiple times), and an Australian friend of (who we had stayed with on previous visits from the UK together)
  • Form 80 for partner and Form 40SP for me (the core information forms about applicant and sponsor individually). You may have seen online that some people say you can avoid the Form 80 by finding some other sections of your application to complete on the online portal, but I have a feeling the system has changed since these people did their applications, because I couldn't find anything that looked fully the same to fill in. Some also say you don't need to do the 40SP anymore because questions relating to the sponsor are included in the 27 pages of interrogation you fill out during the actual online visa application - I actually agree with these people, but I was on a plane and bored so I just filled it in anyway to make sure.
  • 2x statements, one about household responsibilities and one about living arrangements (these were both done jointly covering the points given on the gov website)
  • 2x statements about our relationship (these must be done individually)
  • our lease for the flat we shared in the UK, in both our names, from 1.5 years prior
  • deposit protection letters to us both, from the above lease
  • a large selection of bills and online shopping receipts over the course of the 1.5 years we lived there
  • closing accounts of utilities sent to partner's parents' address, addressed to us both, when we moved there as a base for some late 2017 travelling
  • emails between us and the rental agency giving our notice and giving the same forwarding address for any personal mail (aaron's parents' place)
  • private Whatsapp chat logs from our two periods of separation (each 1 week long) from over a year prior, to help show we have been a genuine couple for well over a year and kept in contact
  • documents and letters relating to our attempts to secure a mortgage and buy a property in the UK (this ended up falling through due to most UK banks either being intolerant of foreigners on visas that depend on employers sponsoring you, and/or being intolerant of partner being a contractor and not a permanent employee. we couldn't catch a break!)
  • facebook message history from nearly 2 years prior when partner was my point of contact with the police when my phone got stolen
  • loads of travel bookings, flight bookings, and rental car bookings dating back nearly 2 years, with both our names on
  • Christmas cards that had been sent to us both together by various friends and family (undated, so possibly unhelpful, but we had spare slots and felt like it added a bit of authenticity)
  • a joint invitation to a family wedding over a year prior
  • music festival tickets and the bus transfer tickets from over a year prior
  • the entirety of our shared facebook timeline which had photos of us and our travels and cute posts to each other etc, which dated back nearly 2 years at that point
  • a few examples of personal letters sent to our joint address
  • a review an airbnb host left for us after we stayed at her place nearly 2 years ago, which referred to us as a couple
  • chat logs from when we very first started seeing each other (over 2 years ago)
  • bank statements from our joint bank account, dating back to when we opened it together (1.5 years ago)
  • evidence of partner booking a tandem skydive for me at his skydiving club, and the certificate and screenshot of the video, from over a year prior
  • documents relating to our joint contents insurance and a claim we made on it over a year prior
  • photos of partner doing household things cleaning our oven and building our Christmas tree (often in his underwear, which hopefully gave the immigration officer a laugh)
  • document containing links to two videos partner has made about us, one of a trip we took to Iceland and one a compilation of all our adventures over our relationship, which was a cute anniversary video

Hope this helps a bit!
Thankyou so much @emilymatchingboots!
I actually had just read your blog-post a moment ago!

I find it so helpful and will be using the advice as an extra tool for confidence!

I wish we had delayed this trip back to Aus by another 2 months, but baby's don't wait! haha.
It's all good though, I feel as if we are on the right track.
Thank-you for your response :)
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