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Here is my timeline:
May 2016 - granted a subclass 189 visa as Single
June 2016 - made first entry, but immediately went back to PH for work
Aug 2017 - will get married in the Philippines
Jan 2018 - planning to move to AU permanently, partner to stay in PH until we get him an AU visa
ASAP - planning to apply Partner VISA for my partner

Questions about a few scenarios:
1. Is there a way I can apply for Spouse/De Facto/PM Visa for my fiance now from PH, while we're waiting for our wedding and my actual move to AU, just to cut some waiting time?
2. After getting married here in PH, is there something I need to do to notify immi of my change in marital status?
3. Can I sponsor my partner (who's in PH) immediately after I arrive in AU or is there a minimum period of actual residency I need to gain first and be this "usually resident" PR?
4. Can I sponsor a partner visa while still job-hunting or should I be gainfully-employed by the time I apply?
5. How to prove financial ability to sponsor, how many months/years worth of cost of living are they talking about here?
6. Can his own (or his family's) financial standing in PH be proof of financial ability to stay in AU with me? How?
7. Can my family in AU sponsor him on my behalf? How?

Any tips on how best to speed up this partner visa process will be greatly appreciated. I would love to be able to move to AU with him already, if that's possible. But if not, I'd like to know what steps to take to get him to AU asap.
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