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HELP! Question partner visa 820 BVB

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Hi everyone!

My partner and I (He is Australian and I am Dutch) are planning to apply for the partner visa 820 on shore soon.
Our only concern is that we have a holiday booked in a couple of months. This means I would need to apply for a BVB that allows me to leave the country. What if immigration does not grant the BVB on time? Would you recommend us to wait before applying for the partner visa?

Thank you in advance!
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What is your current visa and when does it expire? Will it allow you to leave and come back?
Thank you for your response, I currently have a visitor visa that lasts till November. The Immigration website says I could travel outside Australia and come back, however it also says:

''If you hold a Visitor visa, eVisitor or ETA and re-enter Australia during processing, your visa will end when the period of stay (usually three months). This will affect your eligibility for a Bridging Visa A.''

I am not exactly sure what they mean with ''this will affect your eligibility for a Bridging Visa A''. Would that mean they possibly won't grant me a bridging visa?

Edit: I am just realising that I need a BVA before I can apply for a BVB. And since I won't get a BVA before my current visa ends I won't even have a chance of getting a BVB before November.. so the only thing that bothers me is that traveling out of Australia on my current visitor visa can affect my eligibility for a BVA.

It's all really confusing to me..
Thank you

Thanks everyone! This helped a lot. We have decided to wait until after our holiday :)
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