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Just wandered if anybody could provide us with a little information on the partner visa application process?

Myself and my partner will be handing in our application just before Christmas.

We both currently have full time jobs in Melbourne but every year around this time we go off to do harvest work, travelling around various parts of Australia. We would like to do it this year but are unsure if this will jeopardise our application as we will not be based in one place and the work is not continuous. We have harvest jobs to go to but there will be gaps from each job.

Another question we have is whether on not we are required to go for an interview as part of the application? If we do, where would the interview be based and what kind of questions are asked?

Finally we have been together now for nearly 2 years and have lived together for over a year however we have no official documents to prove this as we have been living at my partner's father's house. We have been very fortunate as he doesn't charge us rent so we can save for a house together. Has anybody else been in this situation and is there anything we can provide instead.

We would love to hear from anyone who has any information or who has been in a similar situation.

Thanks heaps x
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