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Hi All.....I hve so many questions!!

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Hi All
I have been offered a job in Sydney (yey!) but the employer have said that I must get a 457 visa (the contract is 4 years - it was 5 but has mysteriously been reduced).
I have two burning questions that I would be very grateful for some help with:

1) As I have 3 school aged children I would have to pay for their education on the 457 - the pay isn't that great - is it possible to apply for a 186 PR visa at this stage?

2) Can a 457 be extended from 4 years or be converted into a PR visa at any point since the 2017 changes?

Any help would be great, thanks:confused:
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1. It has never been possible to be granted a 5-year 457 visa.
2. Depends on the particulars of your case.
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