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Real Estate The term "real estate" has no connection with reality. It is in fact derived from the feudal principle that under monarchy all land is considered property of the monarch. Therefore the term real estate was originally equivalent to "royal estate".
Real Estates Real Estates can include property that may not be easily moved, normall dwellings and the land they're built on.
Real Estate AU Australian real estate can include land, detatched homes, units, and townhouses. Real estate may be traded privately or by a public auction process.
Mortgage standards dropping in Australia... credit easing? A mortgage is a type of secured loan where the purpose of the borrowing is specified to the lender, in order to purchase fixed assets such as a home or land.
Home Loan payments are a form of saving A home loan is a sum of money that an individual borrows from a lender to purchase a house, with the condition that the loan is returned or repaid later.
RP DATA - Australian Property Forum RP Data and Rismark provide detailed reports, data and insights into the Australian residential real estate market.
Real Estate Australia Real estate in Australia may include vacant blocks, detatched houses, appartments, and attached townhouses.
Sydney Auction Results A property auction is a publicly held sale at which a house is sold to the highest bidder. Sydney auction results are available on Saturday evening.
Melbourne Auction Results A real estate auction is a publicly held event at which a home is sold to the highest bidder. Melbourne auction results are available on Saturday evening.
Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation involves taking out a single larger loan to pay off multiple smaller loans. This may be done to secure a lower interest rate or to make debt more manageable.
Australian Property Australian Property consists of empty blocks of land, fully and semi detatched houses, units, and townhouses (a cross between a unit and a house).
Negative Gearing Negative Gearing is a form of investment whereby costs such as interest repayments on borrowed funds such as property or shares exceed the income stream from that asset. Interest expenses may be deducted from taxable income, and if the asset achieves strong capital gain, the net benefit may be significant.
Australian Housing Market The Australian Housing Market involves the buying, selling and renting of residential and commercial land and dwellings.
Australian Property Prices Australian property prices are set by buyers and sellers, either through auction or private sale. By some measures, Australian house prices are considered high by global standards.
Steve Keen says the Australian Housing Bubble is bursting Steve Keen is a Professor of finance and economics at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). He describes himself as post-Keynesian, criticising modern neoclassical economics and Marxian economics as lacking in consistency, non-scientific and unable to be supported empirically.
SOMERSOFT Australian Property Forum The Somersoft property forum concentrates on the residential property investor and developer segment of the real estate market.
Australian Property Bubble The Australian Housing Bubble (residential property bubble) is an economic bubble characterized by unsustainable increases in property prices relative to wages and rents. It may be followed by a drop in house prices over several years.
Housing Affordability Australian housing affordability may have deteriorated in recent years as house prices have escalated faster than incomes. This may be due to many factors such as a shortage of property or excessively loose credit.
MONEY MORNING Australian Property Forum Money Morning offers a collection of the day's vital finance news, delivered to your inbox with practical advice to assist you earning money.
RESIDEX Australian Property Forum Residex reports help you to purchase, sell and invest in dwellings with more confidence, including home value estimatation, forecasts, hotspots and historical growth data.
Australian Property Bubble The Australian Property Bubble (house price bubble) is an real estate bubble characterized by excessive inflation of dwelling values compared to rents and incomes. It may be succeeded by a sharp decline in home values over a number of years.
Australian Housing Market The Australian Housing Market consists of the purchase, sale and rent of commercial and residential homes and land.
Australian Property Crash Unlike a share market crash, a property crash is often slower and more drawn out, since sellers are rarely forced to sell and may decide to wait for the market to recover. This differs from a stock market crash where investors are often forced to sell due to margin lending.
Credit Crunch A credit crunch is a phase affecting financial markets whereby the money supply shrinks dramatically as financial institutions become reluctant to lend money as asset values fall and loans fall into arrears.
DEBTWATCH Australian Property Forum Debtwatch analyses the global debt bubble and provides insight into the unsustainability of excessive unchecked debt expansion and loose credit.
Auction Clearance Rates Auction Clearance Rates are calculated by dividing the number of succesful auctions by the number of scheduled auctions on a given weekend.
House Price Crash Dissimilar to an equities crash, a house price crash is normally slower and more gradual, as vendors are not usually forced to sell and can decide to wait until the real estate market recovers. This is unlike a share market crash whereby investors can be forced to sell because of margin loans.
Chris Joye - Young Man in a Hurry: Profile Christopher Joye has been described as having few political leanings or aspirations, however he is often regarded as successful and intellectual in his own right.
SQM Research Louis Christopher: House prices will be flat but bet on rent rises SQM Research is the brainchild of Louis Christoper. The site provides detailed data on rental vacancy rates, stock on the market, demographics and more!
Housing Shortage A housing shortage occurs when the supply of housing is unable to keep up with demand. This can sometimes lead to an escalation in home prices and rents.
Australian Property Crash An Australian property crash may occur rapidly or slowly as house prices deflate to historic trends. Vendors may opt to wait until the housing market recovers, or they may opt to sell before prices fall further.
MACROBUSINESS SUPERBLOG - Australian Property Forum The Macrobusiness Superblog believe superior insight can be made available through more open and robust debate. They reckon they've got the makings of kickass bloggers.
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