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Hello all

We have applied for an offshore Partner visa in the UK around 10th or so July 2022. We were working under the impression that the processing times were around 3-4 months but have since learnt that they have slowed down as priority has shifted to skilled migration.

Our house has just sold and we are provisionally setting a move date for the endnof January 2023.

What are the best options in terms of visas for my wife and children?

Is it to go on a 3 month tourist visa, then if Partner visa comes through potentially leave and reenter on that?

What do you do if the 3 month tourist visa isn't sufficient? Can you apply for the 600 longer stay visa whilst on the 3 month visa and does that qualify for bridging visas? We would be able to get the eVisa from UK so no chance of the 8503 no extension condition.

Any help appreciated
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