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holiday/visitor Visa Questions

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Hi all,

I am inviting my Thai GF to come visit me a few weeks in Australia.

I have helped her do application online.

Before we submit in a few days I want to check what you all think.

I have bank statement showing she has roughly 80,000 baht in it.

I have provided a quote from Reputable Australian health insurance company showing the intended purchase of cover while here. (Top level offered)

Provided her parents drivers licenses showing their address translate copy too.

Provided Her Daughters birth certificate explaining she will stay with her parents (i.e. intention to return) (also translated)

Her passport and national ID card (it has english on it showing name and dob do i need to translate anyway?)

Provided A letter from me inviting and stating i can and will assist financially should it be needed and that I am providing accommodation.

I am moving into a new fully owned property next week but she wont be coming till March I assume a scan of deed or something is ok for proof of residence.

A scan of my passport (do i need license too?)

A copy of my pay slips last 2 and a half months (I changed jobs) I am worried about this but hopefully because she has an ok amount of money it is overlook able.

A written letter from her stating her details why she is coming here a small paragraph about intention while here and then leaving to return to job.

A letter from her job stating she is a good reliable worker, her position, They will hold her position/able to return to work. persons writing letter position and contact on the company letter head.

Because it is strictly a holiday/visitor not sponsored i didnt feel the need to send much proof about our relation ship as it is not a sponsored visa just an invitation for holiday to Australia.

I am including a few pictures of us together in Thailand on previous trips.

Also that I will infact be spending time with her and her family in thailand and hoping to come together to Australia after my trip there.

My question is as I wanted to include more detail in her letter,

While i am working for some of the trip. I wanted her to go to volunteer english group lessons at the local council library.

Would this be an issue? I know they cannot study on the visa.

But is going to a volunteer group a bad thing? I was hoping it would seem more positive like joining australian society (especially for future defacto visa application)

Also The bank statement has English and Thai

Example it says columns in english like date transaction type balance etc

But the descriptions of transactions are in thai.

Like deposit withdrawl. Most of the items showing who it is from are in english like Deposit(thai) 500 baht (account name in english) but some times thai.

should I translate it or are they only interested in reading balance and seeing the amount in baht?

If there is anything i am forgetting let me know. or suggestions?

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I don't know if its a bad idea but I don't even think its necessary to mention it. You have every other area covered I think you do't want to overdo it?
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