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Hi to all Migration Agents out there.

I'm intended to hire a migration agent to help me with my Perspective Marriage Visa application.

Before someone can offer to help. I wanna share some information about us.

We are a same-sex couple that met through Facebook.
I'm from China and He's an Australian by birth. My partner and I have been together slightly over a year. And we both have strong intentions to marry each other. We have all of our correspondence evidence ONLINE including phone conversation records(We talk to each other at least 1 HOUR a day over the phone) and text records. That's the only solid evidence we have at the moment.

At the end of August this year, I'm coming to Australia for a TWO-WEEK visit. This is our first time of meeting IN PERSON.

So what I need you, my potential migration expert, to do is to tell me all the evidence I need to gather within THESE TWO WEEKS and assess if the evidence I provide is sufficient or suspiciously unnecessary, for example, I'll say the KEY EVIDENCE what I can think of, in order to let you know my knowledge of what SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE is, might include,

1)our JOINT TEMPORARY LEASE as evidence of living together for two weeks.
2)A notice of Intended Marriage issued by a marriage celebrant.
3)Statutory Statements from friends and family witnessed by a professional.
4)My partner can put my name into his most used bank account to form our joint bank account.
5)Joint invitations from his friends etc.

I have some basic understanding of legal things, are able to communicate and write in English fully fluently close to a native speaker level and are willing to do what it takes to get our visa approved.

Our case is tough, because:
1) During my TWO-WEEK STAY in Australia to meet him for the FIRST time, I need to gather as much evidence as I can, for example, to get a marriage celebrant to issue A Notice of Intended Marriage for us, and to be put into my partner's bank account etc.
My time is limited, but with careful planning, I think we can gather whatever evidence that needs my PRESENCE in Australia and we can do the rest while I'm in China and my partner is in Australia.

2) We have a significant age difference. My partner is 26 years older than me.

3) Our background is vastly different. I'm a 20-year-old university student in China (graduating next year) and my partner is a typical true-blue working-class little Aussie battler. He's had a hard life and I really admire his strength to pull everything through but he's NOT WORKING at the moment. However, we can wait until he gets a job to be qualified for the financial aspects of the sponsorship. (I suppose he can't be a sponsor while on Centrelink, but I don't know for sure)

That's everything you need to know about us on such a short notice.
Leave a message if you are interested and other people can leave a message if you want to. Thank you guys in advance.

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If you'd like a migration agent to provide you answers to your questions, you'll likely need to arrange a consultation. They are kind enough to provide some general guidance here on the forums and to answer some specific questions free of charge. But if you want more assistance at the level you are asking for, then it's only fair to arrange a consultation.
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