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Hi All

Sorry for the long post ahead

It has not been an easy day for me. Normally, I am a lurker that just read through information here to help with my process but today, I felt the need to just post and ask for any advice or help. I would like to thank all previous post as their information really helps.

I had a emotional breakdown today as I received my results via email through my agent. I literally just fall to the ground and started sobbing. I had work so hard and waited quite awhile. It's more of the anticipation and hope that I would finally get it. Most important is I am afraid to disappoint my family as they were quite positive about it.

Summarizing my situation: IMMI Refusal for Subclass 186, looking to go ahead with AAT. Wondering if anyone has any positive process with a immigration lawyer in Brisbane and perhaps could recommend to me. Any advises for the AAT?

Background for my visa:
  • So I am applying for a 186 since July 2017 as a Marketing Specialist. My employer is genuine willing to sponsor me as she has been helpful all this while, including helping to make call to the visa center and such. I have been working in the same company for about 3 years now.
  • I had done 2 skills assessment with the 1st one negative and the 2nd one positive. General, the work that I do is about the same is just the job title itself is of an issue so I had to applied 2 times just to say that the previous work I had done is also in the capacity of a "marketing specialist"(I find it ridiculous cause the difference is just in the job title). But they are still giving me only 1.8 years to me.
  • My visa agent apparently did not upload all the documents (especially the employment reference letters) which I had sent to him. I had check via the IMMI website on how much documents he uploaded (which maybe a cause for the rejection?). I asked him why and he just said, even if uploaded, it won't have helped. (which I strongly disagree with). I know they are not guaranteed to have a positive result for me but I just find the situation that he did not put in actual effort for my case as the letter I received from IMMI had this sentence "To date, the applicant has not provided employment reference letters or other evidence to support their three year Australian work experience and at the level of skill required for the occupation. " Which I had sent to him and he did not upload at all! :mad:
  • I am just going to blame myself for putting my trust in the agent and not do the check myself. :(

[*]Grounds for rejection: I did not have evidence of having three year working experience (which I actually have, just that I have a different job title before changing my title to "marketing specialist). My employer is willing to speak out as well for me.:)

Possible solution for me (I think):
  • Go through another skills assessment, with this, I definitely will hit 3 years.
  • Getting a immigration lawyer to help with the tribunal, I am just goggling for a lawyer so am not actually sure how real are those reviews. So if I can have some reference thrown to me, I would be thankful
  • Lodging a complain about the immigration agent for negligence.

Thanks for putting up with me and reading through this long post as I have no where else to vent, complain or cry to. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated.
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