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Hi everyone,

So firstly some background. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is from France. He came to Australia in September 2016 on a working holiday visa. He then managed to find an employer who wanted to sponsor him for a 457 visa. He was on a BVA until his employer's sponsor application got rejected. As a result, we saw a migration agent who advised us to do the following so my partner can remain in Australia:

1. Withdraw his 457 application which would lead to the cancelling of his BVA
2. Leave Australia within 35 days of the BVA cancellation
3. Return to Australia on a tourist visa
4. Apply for partner visa 820/801

So right now, we are in Hong Kong for a holiday. We have tickets returning to Brisbane on the 17th of July. My partner applied for the eVisitor visa the day we arrived in Hong Kong (Saturday 7th July) and we got a reply on Monday asking for more information about his purpose of traveling to Australia, intended period of stay, whether he intends to apply for another visa, etc. We have to respond within 7 days.

We emailed our agent asking for advice about this and it was suggested that we have to formulate a response that indicates that he is a genuine temporary entrant (in other words, lie).

Obviously, we don't feel very comfortable about lying but at the same time we do not want to hurt our chances of getting the eVisitor. We also don't have much evidence to show that he is a genuine temporary visitor i.e. no return tickets to France, no bank account statements in France for the past 2 years, no job or income from France.

I would really appreciate any advice on what we should do. Thank you so much.
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