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Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am on the crossroads and need some advice.

I have completed my skill assessment in May 2017 and the results are as under,
Date deemed skilled for Points Test Advice:12/2014
Number of years assessed positively: 2.3

I am taking my PTE in a week and plan to EOI immediately. Even with a less than 79 score, i will make 60 points minimum and with a 79+ score i will be at 70 points.

If i apply in 189 and 190, later i will be able to update the English score (should i wish to take it again to increase till 70)

Now my query is :
1. Should i apply for NSW under 190 or ALL states ? is it true that they wont accept all states and you need to apply specifically for the said state ?

2. If i apply and assuming i get 190, while that is under process, if i get invite for 189 , can i apply for that mid way while the 190 is being processed ? (A lot of IFs but, that's how my life is now :D, all residual risks for me)

3. I am assuming that i can update my EOI with increased score or experience or qualification, but every time i update, will it consider the date of updating as new date of submission ? and will such editing/updating effect my chances, as in, "send me back in line" - so to speak ?

4. I have a total of 7 years of experience but VET ASSESS did not consider 3 years of my experience as external and internal auditor and on asking them they replied
"Based on the documents provided, although you may have a couple of tasks that are related to nominated occupation, however, the majority of your responsibilities are not related to the nominated occupation. Therefore, the outcome of this employment is negative"
So i assume i should NOT claim this at all.

In addition for an experience they said:
"Deloitte: - 01/2014 to 10/ 2014
This employment is used to calculate qualifying period required to meet the skill level of the nominated or closely related ANZSCO occupation"
Then why does this mean in the letter "Date deemed skilled for Points Test Advice:12/2014" ? WILL I BE GIVEN THAT YEAR ?
I have been under employment since 1/2014, till now, and been assessed for it so i will be eligible for 3-4 year points, isn't it ?

5. Do i have options of other states other than NSW?

6. What is the wait time we are looking at as IAs as of Oct 2017 for getting an invitation? to that effect what is the current cut-off? Any rough idea will be helpful.

Again thanks for you time.
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