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Dear All,

I was looking for any and all kind of information I could find about Australia and this forum seemed to have all the answers.:) Which is why I'm excited to be here.
A little bit about myself -- I'm an Indian, basically born and brought up in Mumbai. Like any big city Mumbai has something for everyone but my career path took me out from the city in 2005 and I've been traveling worldwide since. I'm a Bioinformatics scientist by profession (currently a Postdoc in UK) for past 3 years. Before that, I completed by PhD from Heidelberg University, Germany and Master's from Pune University, India.
I'm an avid foodie, hobby photographer and have a penchant for things that unravel slowly, a trait which I may have got from my profession. Since any simulation/code can take hours to run before showing a meaningful result, a great recipe takes some time and a superb photo takes the right amount of patience, technique and luck.
So first and foremost, the reason for exploring an Australian options are manyfold. Having lived in EU for long (since 2009), I've grown tired of not having enough sun, coming over language barriers and most importantly, the uncertainty looming over UK and EU (One word: Brexit!). I believe Aus overcomes all these issues and shines brightly.
Hence, I was wondering if there are people who are in the same professional path as mine who can help me about the following:

1) I got about 95 points in my Skill assessment from multiple websites for Skilled Sponsored migration visa (190). So I was wondering if I get a job offer from an employer, can I apply directly for this visa? Or do I have to go for Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457?

2) What would be the timeline for either visa cases? Should I start applying for jobs 1 year before I plan to move? Or even before?

3) Since this would be my first time considering Aus, all regions of Aus are on equal ranks. But how would I fare in major cities if I may get around 85k - 110k in my prospective job? I'm not sure if this falls in the upper or medium tier of salaries (although my gut feeling says it does! ;-))

It would be great if someone points me to resources/websites that I'm unaware of or share some direct advice, very much appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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