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I have been dating a lady from the Philippines whom is already in Australia.

She recently completed her OET English test and is renewing her student visa so that she can enrol in an IRON nursing bridging course. She already has the offer letter from AHPRA.

When i asked how much the visa was she said $6000, which seemed wrong to me.

After some digging it appears she is using some type of middle man service which arranges visas and offers some type of "course", which she would have to do in addition to enrolling into an actual school that offers her IRON nursing course. It also seems this middle man service has a large monthly fee. She has been using this service while completing her OET.

I told her she should just be able to get an offer letter from a proper school that provides her course then apply for a normal student visa which costs $560.

Would my advice be in-correct?

Or do these IRON courses require a valid visa first or something.

From all my research I do not see why she would require this middle man service at a fee of $6000.

Shes not accepting my advice :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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