australia beach200The tropical climate, the white sands and the blue seas of Australia has become the magnet for many individuals, both as tourists and immigrants, to try their luck and move to Australia. From the outside, Australia looks to provide a better life for its populace, but many have started to question this perception in light of the current financial downturn. Many fear that the Australian government is not letting out the true picture of the state of the Australian economy. This is clearly an unfounded fear, as Australia remains one of the best countries for immigration in the world.

The Australian weather is tropical and sunny, compared to the grey and cold weather of the United Kingdom and other European countries. The climate is but one aspect of the make-up of the modern day Australia. The last two decades has seen the development and growth of the Australian economy and has put the country in the forefront of the world stage. The current Australia has changed in so many ways compared to the Australia two decades ago, with many parts of the economy still growing despite the current worldwide recession.

There is also a wide array of areas you can choose to reside in once given the opportunity to reside in Australia. Aside from the much ballyhooed sun and sandy beaches, there are also temperate climates and metropolitan areas where one can choose to establish roots upon reaching its shores. Aside from the highly developed urbanized centers such as Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, there are other places in Australia that you can choose from depending on your needs and suitability.

The economy

In the early days, there was not been much change in the economic climate of Australia but this has all changed in the last two decades. There have been peaks and troughs in the given period but now it is again on the upswing. The current growth has created many job opportunities and enticed many multinational companies to set up shop in the country. There is also significant growth in the property market as well as a rise in local and international investment.

Though there has been quite a bit of a slowdown in the economy because of the worldwide recession, Australia has remained stable and is looking to easily rebound from the crisis. As proof of its viability, there has been great interest in investments for the next few years in housing and information technology in the country. Also, the employment market may have shed some excess workers due to redundancy, but opportunities are still available though needs a little more patience in finding them.

Integration of foreign visitors

Australian men and women have been burdened with unfair and inaccurate stereotypes from all over the world. Australia stands as one of the most multicultural societies in the world. It has also moved away from an agricultural economy into developed industries such as finance and technology. With the change and development of these industries, the demand for skilled foreign workers has increased to assist in the growth and development of these industries in the Australian economy.

One of the misconceptions of Australia was its supposed disdain for immigrants to the country. It is difficult to obtain a visa, but this does not mean Australia inhibits the influx of immigrants to the country. On the contrary, Australian society has always opened its borders to expats and immigrants and there have been many expat communities in the country. Amongst the largest communities in the country are from the United Kingdom and other Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Another aspect of integration is the availability of public services that is given to immigrants upon reaching the country. These include National Health Service coverage and ample time to be gainfully employed and integrated into the country. There are also many support groups in place to assist in the ease of acclimatization, especially for the children of immigrants into the country.

Looking after Australia

Admittedly, the immigration process to Australia is one of the more difficult ones to comply with, as those with specific skills or experience is given preference compared to those who lack these essential qualities. This preferential treatment gives the impression that the Australian government is biased for Australian nationals or those that are already residents of the country. Comparatively, the Australian immigration system has remained steadfast in its processes and has not succumbed to pressure, unlike its United Kingdom counterpart where it was recently been opened up to Polish and Romanian workers seeking work in the country.

The Australian economy, with its projected return to pre recession levels, is gearing up for the demand for skilled employees through the immigration. Also in the pipeline are many public works projects designed to expand the development of Australia to other parts of the country thus allowing for a wider distribution of population in the many developing cities in Australia.

The future

Australia as of late has been in the forefront of the Australasian region. This was achieved with the establishment of trading agreements between and amongst countries from all over the globe, making Australia one of the bigger players in international trade. These moves have made Australia one of the most favored countries for investment, which in turn has helped the country continuously flourish creating more job opportunities and overall prosperity to the population. Australia has kept in stride with many of its supposedly more advanced economies such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

While immigrating to Australia is not easy, gaining opportunity to enter would provide a hundred fold benefit the to the effort put in to obtain one. Once granted the visa, a whole host of benefits and opportunities would be available in the land of sun, sea and sand Down Under. There is a vibrant economy with ample opportunities for employment, public works designed to develop a much larger area of the country and support services allowing integration to the Australian way of life much easier for the immigrant. Now, do you believe that Australia is prosperous unlike what others make you believe?