Has the recession impacted upon your plans?

The experts are predicting that the current worldwide recession has already bottomed out and many countries around the world are on the road to recovery. A grave consequence to this experience is that there has been a marked increase in protectionist policies each nation has instituted in their own borders. One of the first to be changed with the post recession landscape are the employment policies together with immigration processes and procedures, mainly to restrict and limit the influx of migrants from other countries. The question now is, is it sensible to move abroad during a worldwide recession?

The worldwide economy

The economic landscape in the last two decades has moved towards borderless cooperation between and amongst nations. There has been a great number of regional agreements between the United States and many countries that affect the general make up and direction of their trade and economic polices. Even well entrenched nations such as the United Kingdom have very deep and encompassing connections with the United States and other nations throughout the world.

In comparison, smaller economies with great ties with the United States have become hardest hit with the current financial crisis because of the relatively limited means and highly specified economy they have as against their larger trading partners. With the contraction of the larger economic country, the smaller ones are left to fend for themselves with the little and highly specialized products they have resulting in dislocation of their own economies. This is compounded by the development of newer technologies such as the Internet and faster or bigger intercontinental means of travel has allowed the discovery and utilization of more and more markets which affect the overall economic capacities of nations the world over.

Employment markets

Despite the difficult financial climate, many economies require individuals with skills garnered from developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Far East such as Australia. It has been observed that immigrants into these countries have decreased in number as immigration policies tighten the influx of foreign employees, but this has only increased the demand for the expertise and skills of these individuals to help the ailing local economy ride out the recession storm.

On the other hand, there has also been marked pressure from taxpayers that governments in the United States, United Kingdom, Far East and Eastern Europe tighten reins over immigration into their countries. One of the major policies that have hit the headlines is Gordon Brown's statement of "British jobs for British workers" but this has not dampened nor diminished the demand for foreign experts into the country.

There are more barriers in place now for those seeking greener pastures overseas but with patience you would be able to find one and be successful in it. The situation though in the United States as been very different because aside from tighter immigration controls, there has been a whole slew of anti terrorist laws and great political pressure which limit the number of jobs available in the market.

Funding your move overseas

There is still a question as to the possibilities of free movement of labor overseas in the midst of the deepening financial crisis. Many businesses have contracted their workforce, entrepreneurs losing their businesses and billions of dollars lost because of the market crash making for a surplus of local labor skilled in the work previously available. The main driving force to seek employment elsewhere is to find greener pastures but lose the fact that an individual needs funding to be able to survive overseas.

To be successful in moving overseas, you need to do a lot of research, need a lot of patience and also have enough money scrimping and saving to be able to set yourself up in the new country of employment.

Accommodation overseas

The biggest blows from the current recession were received by the property market worldwide. This though has provided a cheaper market for purchases and an increase in rental properties throughout the world. With the glut in the property market, now is the best time to find properties either in your home country or in your new country of residence.

Do remember that with the flagging economies of many countries throughout the world, incomes have also fallen thus trying to find work to pay for your new property may be double trouble for you if you do not practice a little foresight and financial planning.

Cost of living

Similarly, the cost of living in many countries has fallen not because of lesser incomes and failing employment markets. One of the major factors affecting cost of living is the price of oil with the vain hope of its reduction in prices in the future. The cost of living varies between country to country, even from area to area within the same country. Thus finding a suitable home that is at the level your income and at same time have a comfortable standard of living is much more difficult in the current financial climate.

Taking the plunge

Making a decision to move overseas will definitely be a life-changing event for you and your family. In light of the current recession, there are more factors you need to consider before making a decision. With a lot of research and planning, you can provide yourself a greater measure of success when moving overseas. You should be fully aware of the travails you would be facing and it cannot be gainsaid that you need a back up plan when you start your plan into motion.


It is recognized that despite the current crisis, countries have tightened their reins over the influx of immigrants into their home shores. The demand though for foreign experts have not diminished despite the contraction of many businesses and economies. Thus the opportunities to move overseas to be gainfully employed still remain and with patience and perseverance, you would be able to land an opportunity that would be best suited for you lifestyle and skill set. With the demand still present at the time of recession, soon enough the improvement of the world economy would only open up the greener pastures for all to enjoy.