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Is it too early to lodge a 309/100 application?

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Hello, this is amazing information, thank you to everyone.

My husband and I would like to lodge our 309/100 application, but in reading some posts, I wonder if there's any point as we haven't been married for that long. And advice would be great, thanks.

Our relationship history is -
Met: Feb 2017
Engaged: Sep 2017
Married: May 2018

Living together since 1 July 2018 (as I moved from Australia to the UK after my work contract ended).

We have been in daily/twice daily contact while apart and have travelled to various countries in order to meet while we were living apart.

Should we wait until we've been married for six months or lived together for six months before applying to have a better chance at approval? Thanks so much.
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I don't see why not.

My husband and I only started dating in Dec 2016 (we were friends for a few months prior), moved in Jan 2017, engaged May 2017 and married in Feb 2018 and we lodged April 2018.

If you are a genuine relationship, there would be no problem. Love is love regardless of your timeline.
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