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Right and Wrong

I am Brazilian and Australian, so let try to clarify the subject as much as possible:

1.As much as I can see there is no discrimination whatsoever to get a PR in Australia, it is pretty much a matter of proving your qualifications.

2. Socially speaking, I could not feel any discrimination more than I have found anywhere else in the world.

3. Professionally speaking, yes, you have some grounds to be suspicious:
3.1.As presented by a study of ANU ( - 2009/06/17/ minorities-find-it-harder-to-get-jobs ) there is discrimination on job selection.
Once broken this barrier, I can guarantee that there is no discrimination at the workplace. I worked with a South African, Vietnamese, Philipinean, Indonesian and of course, Australians without any problem.
3.2. As an engineer, newspapers are pointing out that is happening a decrease of activity on the mining sector; accounting jobs are being outsourced to India, Pakistan and Philippines; Retail is suffering strong competition from on-line suppliers and reducing headcount. All that makes job searching a daunting task to anyone, Australian or not. But then again, these problems seems to be worldwide and not only local.
3.3. If you search a job engine (e.g.: Seek, mycareer, etc) you'll realize that multi language skills play a much smaller role in Australia than Europe (for obvious reasons), so that will not be a major differential.

In short, given GFC and other crisis that happened throughout the world, I would say that if you have someone sponsoring you to come to Australia, fantastic, it is a beautiful place to be.
But the world job market has shrunk since 2008, therefore I wouldn't make a jump now if you have steady offers anywhere else.

If you decide to do so, my best wishes of a safe and joyful landing Downunder.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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