Australia's work and holiday visa programme has been extended further, with Israel becoming the latest country to sign an agreement.

This means that young people from Israel and Australia will be able to apply for working holiday visas, which entitles them to take an extended holiday in each other's countries while working at the same time.


500 young adults per year from each country will be able to complete the exchange program​

The programme allows them to undertake short term work or study, facilitating cultural exchange and fostering people-to-people links between the two countries.

Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash said the agreement is a testament to the constructive relationship between Israel and Australia and to the benefit of young adults seeking a unique cultural experience.

'Israel and Australia share a strong bilateral relationship and the signing of this agreement reflects this. The work and holiday programme is a fantastic way for young people to experience a different culture and bring new insights back to their home country [and] at the same time reinforcing the close relationship between Israel and Australia to the next generation,' she pointed out.

Cash explained that the agreement will enable up to 500 young adults from Israel and 500 young adults from Australia to enjoy a holiday in each other's country, during which they can work and study in the short term.

'Australia's working holiday maker programme is built on the principle that global experiences build global citizens, and that the chance to experience life overseas is an important opportunity to build new skills and develop an appreciation of another culture,' she said.

'Israel is an exciting addition to Australia's work and holiday visa programme, and I am pleased that as a result of today's arrangement, more young Australians will be able to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy a vibrant experience overseas,' she added.

Cash revealed that she spent 18 very memorable months in Israel when she was younger and she is thrilled that this new arrangement will allow other young Australians to experience what she described as 'a fascinating country'.

She added that over the coming months, both Australia and Israel will work closely together to implement the necessary legal and administrative processes to bring this visa into effect.

Announcements on the implementation of the work and holiday visa, as well as further information on the programme, can be found on the immigration department's website at