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It started fom a help post for Partner Visas.

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If you have a question or a statement to make about this thread,

ANY question or comment! (to make it clear) as personal own goals or goals are not helpful - so be respectful and not waste total comments here.

If you wish to add another area that can be a trap for others feel free to post.

This is what is important for new potential applicants to know about and with good help SOME can be overcome - but not all.

So if you fall into a area listed ask why or for help - in your own new thread. Not here!!!

If you like myself have overcome some/all of the beware points - then you had luck too - no need to comment here, start your own thread.
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Here are my additions (I am sure you were expecting them).

* when applying based on marriage the 820 visa you need to be married at time of lodging where the 309 you need to be married by the time the decision is made
* people that are from very high risk countries may have their applications delayed by security checks, just be aware that there is nothing that immigration can do to hurry them up and they do not know when they will come back to them. Rest assured that once they receive the security checks back you will get a decision on your visa.
* there are some countries where majority of applicants will have an interview with the case officer. Try not to worry as in these countries it is their normal procedures.
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