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It started fom a help post for Partner Visas.

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If you have a question or a statement to make about this thread,

ANY question or comment! (to make it clear) as personal own goals or goals are not helpful - so be respectful and not waste total comments here.

If you wish to add another area that can be a trap for others feel free to post.

This is what is important for new potential applicants to know about and with good help SOME can be overcome - but not all.

So if you fall into a area listed ask why or for help - in your own new thread. Not here!!!

If you like myself have overcome some/all of the beware points - then you had luck too - no need to comment here, start your own thread.
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This might be the wrong thread/post, I'm not up with how to start one.
Big button above where the the threads start - it says "Post a New Thread"


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