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It started fom a help post for Partner Visas.

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If you have a question or a statement to make about this thread,

ANY question or comment! (to make it clear) as personal own goals or goals are not helpful - so be respectful and not waste total comments here.

If you wish to add another area that can be a trap for others feel free to post.

This is what is important for new potential applicants to know about and with good help SOME can be overcome - but not all.

So if you fall into a area listed ask why or for help - in your own new thread. Not here!!!

If you like myself have overcome some/all of the beware points - then you had luck too - no need to comment here, start your own thread.
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This might be the wrong thread/post, I'm not up with how to start one.
My Thai wife and I (Australian Citizen) have been married for 17 yrs, and been together for over 24 years. We don't have a lot of proof other than marriage certificate, Thai house papers, a 17 year old dual national daughter, and I could dig up some bank transfers, and hundreds of flight details. We own a few houses in Thailand and I am paying off a house in Australia. Not joint names as its not legal to do so. Have a joint ANZ account 20+ yrs old.
I was a ship builder so worked all over the world using Thailand as my base and was going to retire in Thailand. In 2013 I had to return to Australia to care for sick Mother. Still doing that. I am now on the Disability Support Pension and DVA Intermediate pension; and my wife and daughter will be joining me this year for a holiday.
They gave my wife a Visitors Visa (FA)(subclass 600) Stay for/until 3 months, 8101 and 8201 restrictions. Daughter has Thai & Australian Passports.
We were a bit peeved at the 3 month limit, as we asked for 12 months.
I queried that and they suggested we look at alternatives like the Partner Visa.
I have prepared the forms and have questions about where best to submit.
309 in Thailand is problematic as I spend 9 months a year in Australia caring for my Mother - and I would need to do the research/supply of docs if required.
820 in Australia during this holiday seems more attractive but have no definitive answer if this is possible based on my Wife's visa restrictions.
Plenty of posts relating to this but none answer my exact question.
I am keen to do either before the next big price hike due in July, which is just before my wife will have to exit Australia (19th).
Can someone please supply some guidance??
As my health is deteriorating my wife needs to be in Australia when I die, to lodge her application for DVA Widows pension, so we thought it best to get this Partner Visa before they stop tourists and immigrants completely,
If this is in the wrong place pleas advise how I start new post elesewhere.
Regards and thanks in advance
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