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Guys I'd like your opinion on my wife's submitted 309 case and evidence coz I feel there's something missing (mainly in financials and household):

  • Met in 2011, asked her out in 2012 (late teen age)
  • Got serious about spending life together in 2015
  • I moved to Australia on October 2017
  • Travelled back to my birth country for two weeks and got married in June 26
  • Went on a short honeymoon and then I returned back to Australia one week after the wedding.

  • Online visa form
  • Currently filling out the online sponshorship form
  • Made a mistake in Wife's form that both the witness are non- australian PR/ Citizens

  1. Applicant- Passport, Citizenship, form 80, form 1221, Citizenship certificate
  2. Sponsor - Passport, Visa grant letter, Citizenship certificate, birth certificate, medicare card, Proof of address (Bank statement, gym membership and a few letters adressed to me),
  3. Social
    • Marriage registration certificate
    • Pictures from 2015-2017 of a few places we visited and dates we went to (google drive backup shows the dates),
    • facebook post of 2015 showing us together as a couple
    • Facebook posts of her and her family seeing me off when I first flew to Australia and when I came back after the wedding
    • Photos from the wedding and google drive link to other photos/ video if CO is interested (I doubt it though)
    • Statement from both the people whom we have included in the application (although both are non Australians/PR)
    • One additional statements from PR who did not attend the wedding but has met her a few times in that country when we were dating
    • One additional statement from a citizen whom I work with and has not met her but vouching that I went back for the wedding as I talked about it a lot at work
    • My travel arrangements- flight tickets and application for leave to go back for the wedding
  4. Household
    • She currently lives with my parents on the same house where I grew up- her bank statement that shows my passport's address is attached
    • We never lived together before marriage (cultural stuff) and after wedding we barely lived together for a week. So this one is tricky
  5. Financial Aspect
    • My bank statement showing a few instances where I have transferred money from my Australian account to her account
    • My Superannuation statement showing her as beneficiary
    • Her Bank statement showing me as her beneficiary
  6. Nature of Commitment
    • I'm currently compiling our chat history and internet call log/ chat history over different apps and several phones- trying to include as many months as possible within 5-10 pages
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