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I have sourced out this website to seek help in completing my scary 186 application. :eek:

I have a nomination number from my employees immigration lawyers. They have been good enough to only complete this part of the nomination and I do the rest in order to keep fees to a minimum. However, they have made it very clear that they will not answer questions on my side of the application as they aren't getting paid. (I understand that).

I have a few questions, if someone is willing and able to help.

In my account, is this considered now as a new application or do i import application. Where will they ask for the TRN that has been provided through my nomination?

Secondly, I was brave enough to start a new application as this seemed to process the way I had expected. However, panic kicked in once I realised my TRN number was different to the one I filled in the field (that was given by my employer).

Finally, I have had a warning box pop up stating that my stream of entry didn't match the TRN. I am currently on a 457 and I thought that my entry on a 186 could only be one way? Is this pop up box normal if the confirmation of my employees nomination isn't yet finalised and lodged? Or have I done something wrong?
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