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Hello Aust Forum

My wife has made application for Partner Visa (I am the sponsor) on 9th March 2016.

Notification of grant of a Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) visa had been received on 14th March 2017.

We have heard nothing from the Department since then.

We have not been provided a 'case officer' and never been contacted to provide extra information.

In early June 2018 I visited the Dept Immigration office in Adelaide to make an inquiry and was provided an email address to send an inquiry.

I sent an email to this address with the following content (note: specific identifiers have been crossed out):

Hello Department of Immigration Assessment Team

REF: Application ID - XXXX / File Number - XXXX

Applicant: XXX
Sponsor: XXX

Bridging Visa granted 09 March 2016
Partner Visa (Temporary) granted 14 March 2017

We are making this contact with the Assessment Team to enquire if there is any further information required from us to process the application.

We are hopeful of being granted the permanent partner visa as soon as possible and are keen to work with the Assessment Team to make this happen.

Any update or information that you could provide us would be greatly appreciated. We can be contacted via the contact details below.

Contact details are:
XXXXX email
Yours Sincerely


We received an automated message that really did not answer our enquiry.

1) Should we be concerned? i.e. processing time is 24 months for 90% of applications and it is now more than 3 months than this 24 months.

2) Have we missed something? We were waiting for contact to provide further information. Should we have provided / uploaded further information (i.e. more stat dec's, photos etc.) without being prompted?

3) What would you recommend as our next step? Should I try to contact the Dept again (e.g.go to the office and request an appointment?)

Any insight that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.


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