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I just recently got granted a year-long BVB with multiple entries. Thought I'd share my experience since I couldn't find much recent info at the time I applied.

I'm currently waiting for my Partner's Visa (just ticked over 2 years) and it so happened that my partner needs to travel over to New Zealand to study for a semester (9 months in total). Since I needed to show immigration of New Zealand that I had a visa which allows me to return back to Australia, obtaining BVB became the first step in planning the trip, so naturally we've had almost no documents to provide with the application.

As evidence of substantial reasons for travel I provided a short letter from my partner, informing the immigration that he intends to study in NZ with starting and finishing dates for his studies, his uni admission letter and a letter from me, underlining how important it is for us as a married couple to not be separated for such an extended amount of time and how excited we are to be able to travel together for the first time since COVID.

The application was submitted Thursday night around 10 PM and the grant was received Friday morning 8 AM, less than 12 hours after the submission
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