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Hi All,

My wife and I are currently living in Sydney and have the following circumstances:
  • She is currently studying a TAFE course which includes a Certification IV part and a Diploma part.
  • She has been granted two COEs (one for the Cert and one for the Dip) and a student visa which ends March2019.
  • She has completed the first part of her course (CertIV).
  • We will be applying for a Partner Visa - Subclass 820 within the next week.

Our question is:
Can she inform TAFE and subsequently DIBP that she will not be continuing the course and will be taking just the CertIV.

From there, will DIBP:
  1. cancel her student visa thus forcing her to apply for a Bridging Visa E? or
  2. will they reduce her visa length so that it expires quicker (to only cover her CertIV), thus allowing her to obtain the Bridging Visa A? or
  3. will they do nothing and just let her be on her current student visa until March2019 as they see that she has already applied for a Partner Visa?

Obviously, we would prefer outcome 2 or 3 but does anybody have anymore info on this or have any suggestions for us?

We have read Mark Northam's responses in this thread /visas-immigration/19726-cancel-student-visa-after-receiving-bridging-visa.html which was very helpful but just wanted to get some updated info on DIBP's current (2018/2019) procedures.

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