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Migration opportunity for Master degree in IT by coursework

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hi everyone,

I am looking for suggestions for migration opportunity for Master Degree in IT (by coursework).

For some reasons, Master Degree is not listed in Qualifications are from 'The points table' from Immigration website anymore or i am looking at the wrong information

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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met the requirements for:
(a) the award of at least a bachelor degree by an Australian educational
institution; or
(b) the award of at least a bachelor qualification, by another educational institution, that is of a recognised standard

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Hi wrussell,

Thank you for your input.

For some reasons, the points table from Department of Home Affairs website does not include 'at least' in Qualifications. Can you please give me web link to those information that you mentioned?

Thanks in advance.

Do not rely for anything on information published by the DoHA, go to the legislation. In this case:

MIGRATION REGULATIONS 1994 - SCHEDULE 6D General points test for General Skilled Migration visas mentioned in subregulation 2.26AC(1)
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