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Hi everyone,

Been reading quite a bit on the forum, so decided to register an account and do my own post with a few doubts and concerns that hopefully you guys can help me with.

So, my partner and I are seriously thinking about moving over later on this year, she being a NZ citizen and myself having a Portuguese passport.

We been in a genuine relationship for about 2 years now, me currently being sponsored by her on a partnership based work visa in New Zealand.

To be honest we on a stable and really strong relationship, with a really solid immigration case with everything we need I believe. For last visa application, my current partnership work visa in NZ, we provided as evidence:

- both visa forms and passports
- support letters from both her(also our landlord) and my Family, mutual friends from both NZ and Portugal and from employer.
- tenancy agreement
- joint bank account with weekly transfers
- Bills such as mobile phone, power and internet
- Proof of communication for the time I had to be away from NZ after we started our relationship, it including phone calls, video calls, emails, text messages and messenger chat, where probably 80% of it was from the time we were away from each other
- Flights to Europe and different locations in NZ
- timeline photos of just the both of us or both of us with friends, in NZ and Portugal

I believe it is not the same, but got my current visa processed within 2 days after they told me a minimum processing time of 3 months if I recall it right. Probably that was lucky and the office just had no work to do in that day, but think our case was also well organized and with enough evidence for there being no doubt about granting the visa.

This said, I was just wondering if this will be enough for Australia, or should I add up something else or remove anything from it?

Also, the plan is to apply onshore, me entering the Country on a ETA visa. My biggest concern at the moment, is about bridge visa.
Been reading quite a lot about them and other people experience and to be honest everything I read confuses me even more.
So after entering Australia, we will apply for the visa, where by what I understand I will get straight away a BVA, even though it only starts 3 months after my initial visa starts. Right after that apply for a BVB, go on holiday overseas and come back again, still with my BVB, after my ETA’s 3 months since entrance are over.
Is this correct or there’s another better way of doing it?

We really confused with this whole situation and every advice or input will be really appreciated by both of us.

Thank you
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