Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland in Australia. It is the largest city in the state and is populated nearly by two million people. The city is located on a flood plain on the Brisbane River.

Brisbane is the third most metropolitan city in Australia. It has become known as a haven for culture, architecture and landscapes. The Brisbane River provides a green and lush environment making the city a virtual environmental dream, with the many national parks which showcase the river and the many surrounding bays and inlets. The city has not sat on its laurels as it continues to strive for development and is on the verge of surpassing Melbourne as the second best city in all of Australia. This keen competition has only served the inhabitants of Brisbane and Melbourne in good stead as the cities have only done more to improve the living conditions for their respective cities.

Brisbane is also well known as a venue for large sporting events, with the latest being the 2001 Goodwill Games. It is considered as a gamma world city+ as it showcases the Brisbane River as its main artery through the city. The Moreton Bay is also one of the major areas that make Brisbane a truly city where one can live the high life.

The City of Brisbane

Brisbane is a hilly urban area as the city sits on the Herbert Taylor Range which peaks with Mount Coot-tha. It has a humid sub-tropical climate with hot summers and dry winters. As it sits on the floodplain of the Brisbane River, the city feeds a city with many wide areas for parks and recreation making its weather consistently sunny and cool.

The city has industries that offers jobs in both for white collar and blue collar workers. These industries for white collar workers are for information technology, financial services, higher education and the government sector. As for blue collar workers, Brisbane has petroleum refining, stevedoring, paper milling and metal working. Another industry that is growing in Brisbane is tourism as the city is the gateway to Queensland.

Moving to Brisbane

After you have obtained your permanent visa after undergoing through the rigorous process of immigration with the authorities, there are many aspects of your previous life that you need to adjust as you start the process of moving to Brisbane. Found below are but some of the major aspects of your life you need to take care of to make for a smooth and easy transition.
  • Airline Details. Since this is a transatlantic flight, you need to coordinate your flight into Brisbane. This includes time and the amount of baggage you can carry on the plane. You also need to arrange for transportation from your old home to the airport and from Brisbane Airport to your new home in Australia. You can do all of this online and a very patient and persevering travel agent.
  • Shipping your Belongings. You need to do this gradually because you are essentially packing your whole life into boxes and shipping them over to Brisbane. You would have to decide which of your personal belongings are to be traveling with you to your new home and which ones are to be disposed of. You also need to find a professional moving company for your larger furniture and other furnishings you would be taking along in your move to Brisbane.
  • Notify Everyone. This is important as you are essentially terminating your current arrangements with every aspect your life. This includes your employment, financial relationships, business concerns and all others. Since you would be moving overseas, you need to inform them of the changes that would be occurring so you can wind up affairs and obtain certification essential in re-starting your new life in Brisbane.
  • Receiving References. Your references provide the additional information concerning your work experience. Since there is a significant time difference between Brisbane and your former employment's location, having a pre written job reference can help ease your transition into the work force.
  • Medical Records. One of the benefits of Australian immigration is coverage under Medicare and the PBS. To be properly covered under these state funded medical coverages, you need to have complete as well as comprehensive medical records on past as well as current treatments and medication. Having this on hand will make your transition much smoother.
  • Communication Accessibility. You need to be adequately set up for access since much of the work in moving to Brisbane is about coordination. You can be right on top of things as they progress if you have a cellphone as well as internet access. With these, you can be properly informed and be able to adjust when things go awry, which you cross your fingers won't happen.
  • Personal Records. You also need get used to the idea of changes in your personal records. You need to amend existing records to include your status as Permanent Resident Immigrant to Australia. You would also need to learn your new address and your new phone numbers in all your past records as well as include it in the new records you would be making when you start your life in Brisbane.
  • Copies of Files. As you move, you may end up losing important files and documents in the rush of moving to Brisbane. In order to avoid this, have important documents copied and have these copies duly certified. Then, bring the originals with you as you travel while the copies go with your shipped paraphernalia. With this, you are able to reconstruct and recover any lost documents despite all the flurry of activities in moving to Brisbane. As for electronic information, have them stored in multiple memory sticks to be able to recover them in case one gets lost.
  • Close Existing Accounts. As you complete all the activities in moving to Brisbane, you need to close accounts you have engaged in from your former abode. Closing accounts means paying any existing overdue accounts and obtaining the proper certifications as to the complete payments made. Most often, forgetting to close an account in your former home can haunt you in your new life in Brisbane and may even cast a long shadow that may hurt you in the long run.
In moving to Brisbane, you are going to start from the ground up. You would be uprooting your very life from what it has been used to and go to a place across to ocean to re-start your life. This seems to be a daunting task and in order to make things easier, here are some tips you can do to ease the stress of transition.

1) Financial Status. The first step to be done is register to open a bank account in Australia. This is where all the certifications and credit history from your former country will come in handy. With a bank account, you are able to start transacting on the many items you need for your life in Brisbane, such as a credit card, a mortgage and a loan. Together with this is the need to comply with existing tax laws in Queensland by registering for your very own tax file number.

2) Finding a Home. You may have already found one online and have temporary accommodations when you arrive in Brisbane. Once you are set up financially, you can now look for another home that is well suited and equipped home. The best way to about it is engaging the services of a real estate agent. Depending on your financial situation, you can reach a decision on whether to rent a home or buy one through a mortgage. All the questions regarding this decision are best answered with the help of a professional.

3) School Enrollment. It is best to schedule all the activities in moving to Brisbane at the time the school season in Australia is closed for the break. You can search beforehand for schools that are near for your children of school age. If you do move in the middle of the school year, you need to register your children right away to keep them at pace with others in their grade levels.

4) Getting Proper Insurance Coverage. Since you would be in a new place, new challenges await you and having the proper insurance coverage can help ease the worry in your new home or residence. These insurances include health, accident, car as well as home insurance that can be your safety net if things do go wrong when moving to Brisbane.

5) Getting a Car. Brisbane is wide area and thus getting to and fro one place may be a problem without adequate transportation. You have the option to rent a car or purchase one once you are in the city. In doing this, you would also need to update your driver's license to be allowed to drive on Australian roads. Remember, they drive on the left hand side of the road. If you do not have the means to afford one, you can maximize the public transport system in Brisbane as it is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

6) Budgeting Costs. Brisbane, being one of the foremost cities in the world, is also one of the most expensive ones to live in. You need to understand the cost of money and the taxes that are imposed on the transactions that you make. Better learn how to budget your costs in order to survive the fast pace and high cost of modern Brisbane.

Living in Brisbane

As one of the best cities in the world to inhabit, Brisbane provides many of the modern amenities one needs for metropolitan living. The city has a wide range of retail area in the area known as the Central Business District. One of the largest ones is Queen Street Mall with its vast options of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, gift shops and retailers. The other places to go to are the Wintergarden, Broadway on the Mall, QueensPlaza, Brisbane Arcade, Queen Adelaide Building, Tattersalls Arcade and The Myer Centre. In the suburban areas, there are the

Westfield shopping centres in Brisbane located in the suburbs of Chermside (Westfield Chermside), Mt Gravatt (Westfield Garden City) and Carindale (Westfield Carindale). You can also shop at the Indooroopilly (Indooroopilly Shopping Centre), Toombul (Centro Toombul) and Mitchelton (Brookside Shopping Centre). The other major shopping centres through-out the metropolitan area include North Lakes (Westfield North Lakes), Strathpine(Westfield Strathpine) and Loganholme (Logan Hyperdome).

For your medical needs, the Queensland Health's "Northside" and "Southside" health service areas.Within the greater Brisbane area there are 8 major public hospitals, 4 major private hospitals, and smaller public and private facilities. Specialist and general medical practices are located in the CBD, and most suburbs and localities. Private hospitals in Brisbane include Greenslopes Private Hospital, Redlands Private Hospital, Mater Private Hospital, Brisbane Private, Wesley and RBH Private.

The city of Brisbane has one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world. It services not only the city itself but also the outlying suburbs and even the outside world. Despite this wide network, a greater volume of transportation is made by private car. The main hub of rhe city's public transport system is the Brisbane central business district(CBD).

Moving to Brisbane

Brisbane offers the best that a modern metropolitan city can offer. It has an urban sprawl that is not congested nor blighted with many areas open for parks and recreation. The economy of the city is booming with a modern transport system to and from the central business district to many points in and around the city. The suburban sprawl is well planned with adequate housing and wide expanses near schools and universities. The commercial area offers a wide variety of options for prices on a budget. The city is clearly one of the most livable places in the world. All in all, once you have made moving to Brisbane your decision, you would be living the high life.