Moving to New Zealand

Many outsiders view New Zealand as a utopia but there is more to this than meets the eye. Some have commented that this may not be a true estimation of the beauty and splendor of the land of the Kiwi. Many discussion forums online have sought the opinions of many who have actually lived in New Zealand. In the end, many have provided their views as to what New Zealand offers, what are its positive and negative aspects and is it a good place to immigrate to especially to Auckland or Wellington.

Brief overview of New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The country is comprised of two islands, the North Island and the South Island and there is also an archipelago of islands located nearby. The islands were originally inhabited by the Maori tribes people and their contributions to the historical development of the country is well respected and documented.

The total land area of the country is measured at 268,000 square kilometers with a population of nearly four and a half million people. This makes the country one of the least populated areas in the world. The population is made up of European (70%), Maori (14%), Asian (9%) and Pacific Islander (7%). The average age of the population is 36 years old and is projected to rise to 40 years of old, making the country one of the more aged populaces in the world.
The New Zealand economy

The economy of New Zealand is classified as a developed economy where 69% of its Gross Domestic Product is produced by the service sector, 27% contributed by manufacturing and construction and agriculture rounding up at 4%. The country is highly dependent on exporting goods to other countries as it is isolated from many nearby nations. As a result, New Zealand has entered into and have many standing free trade agreements with countries as well as associations throughout the world.

There is a varied gamut of opinions and comments as to being employed in New Zealand. There is a general agreement throughout many of these forums that the wages and salaries in the country is lower than the United Kingdom. This lowered salary level is at par with its cost of living, as it is about two-thirds the level of the United Kingdom's cost of living.

Healthcare in New Zealand

One of the aspects of New Zealand that greatly differs from the United Kingdom is in the area of healthcare. The New Zealand system has been seen as more expensive that of the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. A further survey seems to agree with the more expensive costs of health care in New Zealand.

Cost of living in New Zealand

It is the general consensus that the cost of living in New Zealand depends greatly on where you are situated in the country. Another factor that affects an individual's cost of living is the penchant for the import of goods from their home country. Due to its isolation, the export of goods to New Zealand is quite an expense. The fact that it is located in the middle of the ocean and with a small market within the country itself makes the country suffer higher costs of importation.

Houses in New Zealand

This is an aspect of New Zealand life that has received a lot of flak online. Many have commented that the homes in New Zealand are nothing more than "garden sheds" while others have said the newer properties being built are at the same level of those built in the United Kingdom. The general feeling though of those who have been in the country has said that the older properties in New Zealand are not up to par with those of the same age in Western Europe.

Crime in New Zealand

An aspect of New Zealand life that has received a lot of press is the occurrence of serious crimes in the country and the high crime rates in such a small country. Upon deeper examination, it can clearly be seen that the crime rates in New Zealand can change from place to place within the country. The prevalence of crime is dependent on where you are situated in the country and the frequency of its occurrence within your general area.

The weather in New Zealand

The weather and climate of New Zealand can be captured in a word: extreme. Generally, the weather in the country is mild and temperate. The difference lies in the amount of rainfall received by the specific areas in the country, as the capital city of Auckland receives twice as much precipitation compared to Christchurch, another urban area in the country. With the climate, New Zealand flourishes and blooms into one of the most scenic countries in the world to see. Much of the country remains relatively untouched, making a truly exotic locale for all to enjoy and experience.

Moving to New Zealand

One of the first things you need to do is make a complete research and appraisal of the matters you would be facing before deciding on moving to New Zealand. You also need to search for the good areas of the country and the projected cost of living in your new homeland. You need to do this most especially when choosing to move to New Zealand as there are many matters you need to consider in your relocation plans to the land of the Kiwi.


You need to learn about New Zealand and the most cost-effective ways to find out the positives and the negatives about the country is in reading information from the wide variety of discussions and information on the country online. You need to remember at all times that the salaries in New Zealand is only 2/3 of the levels in the United Kingdom, but the cost of living in the country is 2/3 of the cost of living in the United Kingdom. The key here is in researching and learning about the country you are contemplating as your new home. With information comes knowledge and with knowledge the ability to make the right decisions at the right time for your long term benefit.