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A region located in South East Queensland is the paradise locale known as the Sunshine Coast. On normal days, the population of the population of the area is a little over three hundred thousand. During the peak summer season, an additional fifty thousand tourists and seasonal workers converge on the area just north of the Queensland state capital of Brisbane. In order to better govern the locale, the state government instituted the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to provide governance as well as assistance in the development and growth of the Sunshine Coast area.

The Sunshine Coast is nestled on the banks of the Pacific Ocean to the east and extends all the way to the Blackall Range to the west. Also located nearby are the towns of Gympie, just a half hours drive from Noosa Heads and Caboolture, located also thirty minutes to the south of Caloundra. These two towns have been included in the Sunshine Coast area. Aside from these towns, the cities and towns of the Sunshine Coast area are Beerwah, Bli Bli, Buderim, Caloundra, Coolum, Flaxton, Kawana, Kenilworth (Queensland), Landsborough, McDowall, Maleny, Mapleton, Marroochydore, Montville, Mooloolaba, Nambour, Noosa, Palmview and Yandina.

Geographically, the Sunshine Coast has been divided into three distinct areas namely Noosa to the North, Maroochy at the center and Caloundra to the south. The whole Sunshine Coast area is a fifty-kilometer stretch from north to south with the tourist area concentrated on the coastal strip traveling until the Blackall Range. Also a prime tourist area is the area known as Mooloolaba that is hosts the Mooloolaba Beach. There are also strata in the Sunshine Coast, where the Noosa region is known as the beach head for the rich and moneyed but the other areas have catered to the many other tourists and immigrants to the area, from the discerning up to the thrifty backpacker.

The Sunshine Coast was first seen by the Western world through the eyes of Captain James Cook on the deck of the HM Bark Endeavor in 1770. Since then, the first white inhabitants of the region were castaways who became integrated with the indigenous Aboriginal peoples after eight months. The Sunshine Coast has always been a haven, first for escaped convicts from the penal colonies nearby to its now developed locale for tourists and immigrants alike.

The first economic resource exploited in the area was timber and in order to bring the precious wood to the market place, the rivers and lakes were used as roadways to float the timber. As the development moved inwards, gold prospectors reached gold in the Gympie area. This commercial activity spurred the creation of the railway line to Gympie and the adjoining coastal towns. There are many ports that were set up for this early river trade but as the commerce waned, these ports became tourist resorts. The developments preserved the pristine setting of the area and the beaches have retained their natural beauty as how Captain Cook first saw them in the eighteenth century.

Aside from the tourist economy, other growing areas of the Sunshine Coast commerce are supported by the proactive business community. The vast majority of the businesses in the area are small entrepreneurs with major national chains present in the shopping districts that dot the Sunshine Coast area. In order to spur these individual entrepreneurs to further their economic activity, the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards are given annually to deserving businesses in the area. These awards are aimed to support and celebrate business in the Sunshine Coast. The categories include Innovation, Building/Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Business Services, Lifestyle Services, Hospitality and Tourism. In essence, the Sunshine Coast has focused on tourism with attractions such as the late Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, the Underwater World Marine Park, the Aussie World with the Ettamogah Pub, The Buderim Ginger Factory, the Big Pineapple and the Majestic Theater.

Living in the Sunshine Coast

Despite being a known tourist destination, there are only a few restaurants that can cater to tourist standards. Most of the restaurants offer meat pies and the basic fish and chips. One of the best areas is the Esplanade on the Mooloolaba waterfront has the best restaurants in the area. The lack of urban planning though has marred the view with large car parking lots between the patios and the ocean. As it is the prime place for meals, the prices are quite high. You do have options to bring your own food and have barbecue at your own leisure from the many community barbecues on the beach. One feature of the accommodations in the Sunshine Coast is having your own kitchen in your hotel rooms making eating out not the common activity in the Sunshine Coast. The following are some of the best places in the area:
  • Thai Street is located in the Alexandra Headland near the beach. It offers great Thai cuisine with friendly staff at reasonable prices.
  • India Today showcases Indian cuisine in a setting on the beach. The restaurant is located on Aerodrome Road in Maroochydore.
  • Montezuma is a fusion of Mexican and Aussie style cooking providing good size portions and is located at Mooloolaba.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast

Once you have been issued a permanent resident visa, you need to choose where you set up your shingles in Australia. If you wish to find a place where there pristine beaches and amazing sights, then moving to the Sunshine Coast is the decision you have to make. In order to make your move to the locale a smooth one, here are some areas you have to take care of when moving to the Sunshine Coast.

1) Travel Planning. It is important that you oversee how your travel plans are when moving to the Sunshine Coast. You need to coordinate your flight as well as transport including the amount of luggage you can bring onto the plane. Also, it is best to have a travel agent to find the best rates and perks for your travel to the Sunshine Coast.

2) Personal Effects to Bring. You need to determine what you would bring to the Sunshine Coast and what you would leave behind. Also, finding a reputable moving company to transport your personal belongings across the seas to your new home in the Sunshine Coast is of prime importance lest you end up with your things lost in the travel.

3) Notice for All. You need to identify all the people you have dealt with in your old home. These people, be it personal or professional in nature, need to be notified of your moving to the Sunshine Coast. This notice gives you ample time to say goodbye and get the proper credentials when you restart your life in Australia.

4) Obtaining References. This is over and above the previous discussion as this involves your professional and financial life. These are important as you apply for new employment and this can even help you in getting a bank account in Australia.

5) Medical Records. You need to have complete medical records when you undertake moving to the Sunshine Coast. One of the benefits of immigration includes coverage in Medicare and PBS. In order to be properly assessed under these social security benefits, you need to provide complete medical records from your previous medical provider.

6) Communications. A major part of the effort in moving to the Sunshine Coast is coordination with the many aspects of the transition. Thus, you need to have constant communication with the many parties involved in your transfer of residence. The best way to have communications access is a mobile telephone and Internet access for better tracking of all the activities involved in moving to the Sunshine Coast.

7) Curriculum Vitae. The curriculum vita is the summary of your professional life. You need to learn the new address and other personal information in the new applications and other documentations in your new life in Australia.

8) Copies for Files. One of the major headaches in moving to another country is the loss or misplacing important documents. To avoid this stress, do make multiple copies of these important documents and have them certified to give them full force and effect as the original. As for electronic information, do store them in multiple file storage devices and online files to be able to safely retrieve them quickly and safely.

9) Winding Up Affairs. If you have a business in your old home, you need to wind up affairs and liquidate assets from your old business. Do ensure completion of this aspect of your financial affairs lest this would haunt you when you start rebuilding your life in the Sunshine Coast.

As you decide on moving to the Sunshine Coast, you need a lot of assistance to make the change as smooth and as seamless as possible. Once you reach your new residence, the following is a short list of items you need to establish to be able to stand on your own two feet Down Under.

1) Enroll in a Bank Account. The bank account is the cornerstone of one's fiscal personality in the Sunshine Coast. You need to apply for one and be enrolled in a bank in order to start the ball rolling for your financial capacity in Australia. It is in this process that you submit the financial documents and credit history to establish your new financial personality in the Sunshine Coast.

2) Finding Suitable Dwelling. When moving to the Sunshine Coast, finding a suitable residence for your family is of prime importance. The first home you would get can be considered as temporary as soon as one is financially able, you can then choose a more suitable dwelling for your family's needs. You also need to look into neighborhoods, access to markets and proximity to schools as these are the factors that would help make the transition easier and lesser stressful for all concerned.

3) Finding a New School. Australian law requires that children of school age be enrolled in school. Thus it is important that you find a top-notch school located near your place of residence in the Sunshine Coast. To ease the transition, scheduling your transfer during the Australian school break would help immensely.

4) Vehicle Ownership. It is not a simple matter of having the money to purchase a car when in Australia. There is the matter of maintenance and insurance including driving privileges for yourself. If you choose not to, you can opt for learning the public transportation system and utilize it for your maximum benefit.

5) Learning to Budget the Aussie Way. Australia has its own monetary and tax system. It is a must that you learn this in order to stretch the funds available to you. One trick when moving to the Sunshine Coast is avoiding the tourist places and find the hideaways with low prices for your personal enjoyment.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast

As the name of the region says, the Sunshine Coast boasts of a sub-tropical climate with an abundance of coastal breezes. It is highly advised that you have sun protection at all times when in the Sunshine Coast. Aside from this minor discomfort, the place is paradise on area especially the inland areas of the locale. This makes the Sunshine Coast a favorite habitué for tourists and residence for many immigrants from other tropical countries.

The state motto truly captures the magic of the Sunshine Coast: "Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next". Many have started out as a visitor, but in the end the vacation turns into permanent residence for the weary traveler. On the other hand, if you are an immigrant seeking a slice of your own tropical paradise, then the Sunshine Coast is the place for you to be. It is one of the few paradises left in the world and you can make it your own once you have decided on moving to the Sunshine Coast soon enough. Once you have been given the opportunity to immigrate to Australia, and then make the Sunshine Coast your new home as this will surely make your decision both sunshiny and great for you and your family.