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hi every one... wishing you all have a great day, i really need help ASAP.:(

>>> me and my child is under on a multiple entry that will expire next year.( 3 months stay)

>>>me and my partner decided to get married here in AUS and would like to lodge a partners visa


>>> if ever i am going to lodge a partners visa before my 3 months stay here expired, do we need to exit the country and return back again to aus and follow the multiple entry "rules and regulations" ??? or is it ok for us to stay here further since ive read some information through forum that once i am going to lodge my partner visa automatically we will receive a bridging visa.

>>>now on bridging visa, most of the post here in forum, bridging visa will take effect once the current visa expired.
?my question is, if ill stay here more than 3 months and get a bridging visa, will my multiple entry visa ceased regardless of the expiry date???
or do i have to get an extension visa to ceased my multiple entry visa and lodge a partner visa before my extension visa expire.

( our main aim for this visa is, we dont want to be separated from each other anymore plus my child really get along with my partner already we would like to keep it as possible. long distance is not that easy and its killing us)

>>> i know i ask too much but if anyone who experience the same and have some knowledge about it please please please i need your help guys. 7k plus my childs fee is a lot of money and i wanna make sure about it. thanks so much
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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