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SUMMARY: If you changed your name but needed a police clearance from a country that will only put one name on the certificate, how did you handle it?

My husband and I were married in August 2017. We lodged our application for a TSS visa (482, Medium stream) on May 10, with me as the primary applicant. We got a request for more information on May 24, asking for a Canadian and Hong Kong police checks. We had already uploaded the Canadian police check, and could not apply for the HK one without the RFI.

We both changed our names on our marriage certificate. I changed my passport (USA) and my ID card in my country of residence (Hong Kong) to my married name. I don't use my maiden name at all anymore.

My husband elected not to change his name on his primary passport (Canada) or on his Hong Kong ID card. He got another passport (Ireland) and used his married name on that one. So he has proof of identification under both names. Eventually he plans to fully transition, but for now thought it was less hassle to not change his passport.

We are concerned about why we have been asked for a Canadian police check when we already uploaded one. We've asked our case officer and are waiting for a response, but I'm worried it's because of the name listed on the certificate. He listed his maiden name on the application (as this is the only name he has used legally in Canada ever), but also noted his married name when it asked for Aliases or Other names. The certificate only lists his maiden name, and when we followed up with the law firm that processed it, they said that the certificate will only list one name. Earlier this week we both went to apply for our police checks in Hong Kong, but they said the same thing - the document will only display one name. We asked if we could pay to have two processed, one under each name, for each of us but were told no. Note that both the Canadian and Hong Kong police clearances are done by fingerprinting, not just a simple name check in the system.

The info from Australian Immigration clearly states that police certificates need to have all names an applicant has used. We are thinking of uploading screenshots of my husband's application to the Canadian police and his correspondence with the law firm, and we are trying to get something in writing from the HK police confirming that they won't list both names. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you handle it?

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