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Hi I’m Jean
I have few question about 485 visa application.

I finished my bachelor degree on 27 November 2017. I’m planning to apply 485 visa. However, I need to sit for PTE test as one of the requirements. Also, I am still in my home country while preparing other document. But my visa will be expired on 15 March 2018. I am uncertain if I could still apply 485 visa after my student visa expires?

I have consulted appointed migration agent. They advised me take PTE ASAP and go back to Australia before my student visa expiry date in order for me to lodge 485 visa.

My concern is I need time to prepare for my PTE exam. So, my question is am I eligible to enter Australia with tourist visa to lodge 485 visa when I have all document prepared. Or will BVA come into effect when I lodge my 485 visa at the same time im holding a tourist visa?

If so, what could I do in order to apply for subclass 485 visa?

Could you guys please give me some advices? Truly appreciate for your advices. Thank you.


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Hi Jean,

I am exactly in the same boat as you (Recently graduated and planning on applying for 485 in a few weeks). Even my visa expires on the same day!

My advice is
1. Do the English test ASAP!
I've just done my IELTS and the results will be released just a week before my visa expires... Make sure you get your results and pass the requirement score before your student visa expires.
2. Fly to Australia BEFORE 15th of March. I've been advised not to leave visa application to the last minute as the system of BVA does stuff up sometimes.

Make sure you have access to your English test (PTA/IELTS/etc) results prior to visa expiry. You will need the evidence of having done (and passed) the test before lodging your 485!

It is up to you if you need more time to prepare for the English test. I understand it is quite difficult and stressful. Butttt just keep in mind that you also must apply for the 485 visa shortly after course completion (within 6 months after meeting the course requirements).

Last checks before applying for 485:
At the time you apply for this visa you must:
• be in Australia
• be under 50 years of age
• hold a valid visa
• hold or have held an eligible Student visa in the last six months
• have evidence of competent English
• book or complete a medical examination
• have adequate health insurance in place. This is required for the duration of the visa processing period and your stay in Australia on this visa
• have requested a National Police Check from the Australian Federal Police.
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