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Hi everyone, currently living in Melbourne
Me and my partner are both on 485 (Temporary graduate) visas.
My visa expires in April 2021 and partner's visa in April 2022.
I will be the primary applicant (IT Systems Analyst).
I'm currently in the process of gathering documents for an ACS skills assessment.

Post a successful skills assessment by the ACS, I plan to apply for an EOI for subclass 189 and 190.

In the event that I do not receive an invite before my visa expires, what are my options ?

option 1 - Can I jump onto my partner's visa (we are in a de-facto) using the subsequent entrant visa? This will give me an additional year in Australia till my partner's visa expires.
If proving a de-facto is difficult (we have been together for ~3 years), we anyway planned to get married once the situation improved. We can pre-pone the marriage registration and then apply for the visa(if that's easier than proving de-facto). Is there a rule that we have to be married for certain years/months before I apply for a subsequent entrant visa?

option 2 - Jump on a visitor visa. Do not prefer this option as I would have to leave my full time job.

Are there any other options I have.?

Your help would be really appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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