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Hi everyone, I got my ACS assessment last year which is ICT-recent graduate, I'm planning applying for re-assessment under the ANZSCO code. I know that there has to be at least 65% relevancy of nominated occupation, but I can't tell how relevant they are. I am looking at 261311 analyst programmer and 261312 developer programmer. but I am still not sure which one is the best suit for me. or any other suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance.

The course structure is as following:

Bachelor of information technology and systems specialisation: multimedia applications
DIS2105 digital imaging
DIS2907 3D animation
DWG1103 Visual thinking and communication
FIT3040 Studio 2
FIT1003 IT in organisations
FIT 2001 Systems analysis and design
FIT2002 IT project management
FIT3033 principles of educational multimedia
FIT1001 computer systems
FIT3008 Digital video post production
FIT3023 Interactive environments
FIT2029 Studio 1
FIT1002 Computer Programming
FIT2012 Digital media authoring
FIT2026 sound and video
VCM1001 visual communication
FIT2015 Foundations of 3D
FIT2016 Human computer interaction for multimedia
PHO1203 Photomedia imaging 1
VCM2002 Multimedia imaging(animation)
FIT1004 Database
FIT1005 networks and data communications
FIT1012 website authoring
VCM1002 Multimedia Imaging

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I'm no ACS expert but looks to me with just one mention of both analysis and programming, though other units may have some association, the course is more a media biased one.
Have you attempted contacting ACS to see whether there's any direction possible.

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Thanks for the reply, ACS mentions, they do not make any recommendation, :(
I need to sort thing out myself, meanwhile I thought about applying two different skill assessment, so I might have more chance to get it right.

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course relevance to nominated occupation

@wanderer, I have a fairly straightforward IT bachelors degree (Deakin uni, melb) could you please take a look at my list of subjects and tell me if you think I could nominate myself in one of the following occupations.

261111- ICT business analyst
261112- System analyst
261311- Analyst programmer
261312- Developer programmer
261313- Software engineer


Fundamentals of information technology
Introduction to programming
Introduction to database design
Introduction to web development
Game fundamentals
Principles of Interactive media
Introduction to computer security
Discrete mathematics
Introduction to I.T. security management
Introduction to cryptography
Internet core layers and routing
Computer networks
System security
Advanced network engineering
IT practice
Web programming
Distributed systems and applications
Computer crime and digital forensics
Advanced database systems
Information systems analysis and design
Public-key cryptography
Corporate computer and network security
Object oriented development

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