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Hi everyone,

I urgently need your help and advice.

The timeline and story are as below:
- I finished last exams etc on 3 April 2018
- Results were out on 10 April 2018
- I applied for Temporary Graduate Visa 485 (created immiaccount & paid for the application) on 11 April 2018
- Applied for BVB (and BVA) because I wanted to go back home until my graduation inauguration in August, I was granted BVB until 24 August 2018
- Flew off on 25 April 2018

However, 2 days ago (12 June 2018) I received email from the immigration that my visa application has been refused. The reason why my visa application was rejected was:

The applicant provided a letter of completion for their Bachelor of X obtained from Y School on 22 May 2018. The letter of completion stated the applicant completed their course on 30 April 2018. This confirmed that the course was completed after the application was made.

The thing is, the completion letter that my school provided stated that the completion date from school was 30 April 2018. But, I was already "out of session" from 3 April 2018 because I had finished the exam and everything. I have submitted my transcript etc, to show that I had completed all the requirements.

I applied for the VC-485 visa on 11 April 2018, which is AFTER they publicly notified the student - which is also the completion date according to Australia Government Department of Home Affairs's definition, which is:
Completion date
Subclass 485 visa applications must be lodged within six months of the date of course completion. The date of course completion is the first date on which the educational institution publicly notifies the student that they have met the requirements for the award of their degree, diploma or trade qualification. This notification can occur by:
publication in a newspaper
publication on the internet
bulletin board at the tertiary institution.

I feel this is very unfair as I have friends (who already graduated before myself) who did exactly the same: they finished exams in early April, applied for the visa in mid/end of April after they got the end result. Then, they returned to their countries with BVB, and attached all the documents for the application when they were already out of Australia.

But they only received the result of their application for Temporary Graduate Visa AFTER they returned to Australia. Not during their time away from Australia.

I have been granted BVB too (although it's supposed to be active after 30 June 2018 because my student visa is still active at the moment) and I was planning to go back to Australia before my graduation inauguration (24 August 2018).

And now that my visa suddenly got rejected while I am out of the country, I cannot go back to Australia immediately to physically present myself to seek merits review of this decision with the AAT. And my student visa is also expiring extremely soon (30 June 2018).

My biggest questions now are:
Is it possible if I want to fly back to Australia next week? Will I be denied entry to the country?
Is it possible if I want to re-apply for VC-485 again instead of appealing for review?
Is it worth it to appeal for merits review, or is it better to re-apply for VC-485?

I am paying everything by myself, and I do not have much savings left as I am trying to help my brother pay his rent. I am looking for the easiest and most efficient solution. Please help me!

Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to your reply.
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