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I am reapplying for 574 VISA. I got an email today and immigration department request form 80 and 1221

I have couple of questions to complete that form

FORM 80:
Q12: Have you ever had any previous passports or travel documents
(including expired, lost or stolen documents)?

As i have 2 previous passports one expires and than i made new one (FEB 2015 - FEB 2020) during my stay in South Korea and that passport was not machine readable passport as the Pakistani Embassy in South Korea don't have that machine to make that. So when i visit Pakistan i made a machine readable (JUL2015-JUL2020) and Cancelled the previous which was not machine readable,
therefore, i answered Q12 as YES.

Q13:What happened to this document (Tick one only)

Give details

I choose OTHER option and what should i write in Detail?

Form 1221:

Q25: How can i add my unemployment period?
what you said in these fields
Name and address of employer/business
Type of business
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