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So heres our details.

We met in July 2016,
chatted socially on facebook messenger until february 2017.

From there we stepped our relationship up to boyfriend girlfriend status.

I flew over April 2017 to see her and meet her family.

We continued to chat on video and messenger.

I flew over again in July. And now she is here.

So what do you all think? Does this meet the requirements to apply for the partner visa?[/QUOTE]

Boyfriend girlfriend time does not count toward a de facto relationship time, if you are meaning this is when your relationship started it is still only around 10 months.

A de facto relationship has a 12 month relationship minimum, or relationship registration - But a relationship registration (or marriage) does not remove the evidence requirements only the time component.

You have not mentioned what evidence of the financial aspect of your relationship you have for example.

What was your wife's answer to question 9 on her Visitor visa application?

Relationship status
a) Married
b) Engaged
c) De facto
d) Separated
e) Divorced
f) Widowed
g) Never married or been in a de facto relationship

If the answer was (g) when the application for a Visitor Visa was made to DIBP, how can she they try and claim in a Partner Visa application that she was in a de facto before that Visitor Visa application date?

That would mean one of the applications contains false or misleading information. The penalties for that can be quite harsh.

I don't think you will have enough evidence for a 820 Partner Visa application, also keep in mind that it took most of us 1-2 months to put together our applications for our Partner Visas.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
Not open for further replies.