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Hello everyone,

I have applied for 574 VISA subclass and i got rejected as I didn't submit any deals about my Financial ties, proof of my gap and satisfactory return plan. On these bases, the case officer thought that i am not fulfilling the GTE requirements.
I have prepared my application again with the answer of these which was mentioned in my refusal in very detail and with proof.

I want to know few things from the experts.

1) Is there any chance of getting 574 VISA in re-apply?
2) In the last interview, they asked me that why my wife is not accompanying with me in Australia?
I answered that she has not OSCH at the moment so she will join me later.
Many peoples said me this answer make a bad impression to case officer and interviewer.
So any please suggest me the good answer for this question?
Dear Adnan,

I had a client 2 years back for Subclass 574. She was married but coming alone in the beginning. She was asked this question too. Her spouse was a Government official and working on a very senior level position.

My client just explained the fact in a proper way and she got the visa.
It is not a difficult question and can be answered in a very proper way.


Sanjayai Kapoor

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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