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Hi everyone, hope you are all good.
I'm Matt, Italian and I need some help right now, I'm kind of desperate haha
Too many questions and can't answer them all myself haha

So I lived in Sydney for 3 years then I left the country because my dad's company went bankrupt and so I had to cancel my student visa (I did finish my course before).

As I had to leave because I did not have anymore money, I couldn't pay off my Vodafone bill (the contract had left 4/5 months I think).

I worked my butt off and saved enough money to be able to go back and finish my studies.

Will I be granted a student visa even with the debt with Vodafone?
I know I can contact the company and make an agreement if needed.
But did anyone had some similar experience?

Also i might get married there and I know that if you have had any debt to the government or any other Australian business the visa might be rejected.

If that happen, what can I do?
I mean, can I prove that nothing like that will happen again?

I was also wondering what you guys think about this, once I get married I'll apply for a partner visa sub 820/801.
If I do that meanwhile studying, before the visa is granted I will still have the student visa but once I get the visa I will be able to work full time for the 2 years while I await for the permanent partner visa right?

I know this message might be super confusing, I read it 5 times and still don't see any mistakes.

Please if you are confused, do not hesitate to ask

Thank you in advance.

Peace out :)
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