Peter Dutton has been sworn in as Australia's new immigration minister following a government cabinet reshuffle.

Dutton, who has moved from the health department, is a former police detective and described as a tough, no nonsense individual.


New immigration minister Peter Dutton has already declared that he wants to be hard on immigration crime​

He has already declared that he wants to be hard on immigration crime and in particular will not tolerate people smuggling.

Dutton said he did not anticipate his approach differing too much from that of the previous immigration minister Scott Morrison.

"I think Scott Morrison's done an exceptional job so I want to continue that good work, but the organised criminals who are involved in people smuggling constantly are changing their techniques, their ways and are well resourced," he said.

"So we have to be willing to quickly adapt to meet the challenges that would otherwise see the boats start up again, so I want to continue the work but nonetheless the focus needs to be refreshed constantly," he explained.

"If youíre an illegal bikie, if you're part of an outlaw motorcycle gang involved in organised criminal activity, you've just made it to the top of my list. Coming to Australia is a privilege and if you're coming here harming Australians, ripping off our welfare system, committing serious crimes, then you're at the top of my list for deporting," he added.

Dutton was elected as the Federal Member for Dickson in Queensland in November 2001 and re-elected with an increased majority in 2004 and appointed Minister for Workforce Participation, with responsibility for the Job Network, Disability Employment Services, Work for the Dole and improving transition to work opportunities for all unemployed Australians.

At the time of his appointment Dutton was one of the youngest Ministers. In January 2006 he was promoted to Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer. He worked closely with Peter Costello in areas including budget preparation, taxation, superannuation, prudential regulation, and competition and consumer policy.

Following his re-election in November 2007, and with the change of Government, Dutton was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Minister for Finance, Competition Policy and Deregulation. In September 2008 he was promoted to the position of Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing.

Then in September 2013 he became Minister for Health and Minister for Sport in the newly elected Abbott Government.

Prior to being elected to Parliament, Dutton owned businesses and employed over 40 staff. He started his working life at 12, delivering newspapers, mowing lawns and working after school as a butcher's boy, a job he continued until starting university.

He went on to complete a Bachelors degree in Business and was a police officer for nine years, working in the Sex Offenders Squad, Drug Squad, and the then National Crime Authority. He left the police in 1999 to manage his business interests full time.