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hi my name is Daniel i am 21 years old some of you would probly be asking yourself why the hell is this young bloke doing this well ,shes a special girl thats all i can say

First i will start of with we met in thailand Pattaya through my dads girlfreind we started talking when i got there and got to know each other on the third week i was out drinking with her and asked her out since then we have been together for 2 weeks in thailand befor i had to fly out home since then we have talked everynight on skype and sometimes day on mobile since then somehow we have developed somewhat more of a seriouse relationship wich is hard being long distance i am going back in august to see her and spend 5 \weeks there i met her in december 2011 this december will be a year after that we have decied that she will come on a 3 mounth holiday to see if she likes it here, after that i hope she decieds to stay wich she already has told me she want to come now but its simply not possible because there are two ways we can go about immagrating her to australia number 1 is
1:Tourist visa or working holiday as she is a nurse wich is in high demand
First she must come for 3 mounths wich i have to show i can support her during her 3 mounth stay wich is no problem, then we must go aprosepective marrige visa wich the process take about 4-6 mounths during wich time she must be in thailand ,when she returns we must marrie
dure in wich i must show i can support her and pay a hefty 4000-5000 for the application,and we must know each other for atleast a year

2:First a 3 mounth working holiday or tourist visa
then can apply for a skilled work visa i am very confused im going to go to a immagration agent as this is to much bull for me,what if she decieds to stay during in that time she is on holiday on her tourist visa can she apply for a permant skilled visa ??? staying here with a partner wich i know you have to privide details on her qualifications ,identification proof how long we know each other bank details asset details and so on and on
or can she come on a skilled work visa temorary then decied to go permantent i know i must show a $5000 to show i can support her dure in her stay but what if she starts to earn her own money and has $5000 herself

She worksfrom 11:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week in a hospital
Someday she works her second job at a resturant starts at 8:30pm till midnight now thats a long day sometimes she get very emotional because its very demanding and hard on her wich makes me feel like i can not do anything but to offer her support through talking everynight wich seems to make her happy

well i just want someone to talk to about this any advice would be good especially from someone that has been in the same problem
We have both decieded that we will not even consider it till next year in wich i cantafford till march next year but she is prepared to wait,

Have a good day and peace to everyone
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