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HI all,

Well I'm new here about to be in a new process to secure my wife a visa for Australia though thought I would do a quick search on google specifically for "Spouse Visa Rejected" to read some horror stories (and possibly learn of mistakes people made etc)

I found most of the results on this forum! Well. all!

I'm that kind of person, will look at the worst of the worst, bring that fear and then not be surprised in certain outcomes!
Probably not the best idea in all situations.

Eg I've watched every episode of Border Security.. I'll come back into Sydney, walk to the exit and I'm convinced today's the day I will be searched bag, self etc lol and I forget that cookie in the luggage from the hotel without declaring it! :( ..Never have been searched!

Though that day they did stop for spot check by dog which did not detect the cookie :)

Anyhow my wife is here with my in Australia on a 12 month visit visa without the "No Further Stay" condition so we are looking at applying for a spouse visa shortly before this one runs out.

This was not the plan in the beginning to stay here though she loves Australia and so do I. We have been living overseas together for quite some time, I've even lived in a country where I could not speak the language very well for a couple of years! Though I would prefer to be closer to family here is the main reason also..

So we will try apply here because the alternative if not applying here is flying back to Morocco together, applying there, then she can not come back here unless we get another visit visa, where by any decision made on that offshore spouse visa she needs to be in Morocco so we would then have to fly back.. Get decision (if success) fly back to Australia .. a lot of flight$$$. Even though it doe's cost a bit extra applying onshore it probably will save in the long term.

I would like to start a thread when we get started on how we go and our experience which may be of interest.. so people can see not only the horror stories but also a few success stories (well I hope for success story, then again it maybe a horror story!!) :) :confused:

Anyhow see how we go..

Just a quick question. I notice some members have a footer message about their current visa/when apply/where they are from/outcome etc. How do I make this. I had a look in the profile part and I think I found the "Edit profile" though it is telling me I can not access that page at the moment :eek: :eek:

Thanks all!

Best wishes :)

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