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New Zealand Permanent Resident, US Citizen Where to Start with Partnership Visa?

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I'm a Permanent Resident of New Zealand but a US Citizen. I am in a de facto relationship with my partner who is a NZ citizen (though born in Australia, he only has a NZ passport).

We want to make the move to Australia, but I'm not sure how to start with a partnership visa. As a NZ citizen he can go over no problem, but I'll have to apply for a visa for an eligible NZ citizen.

Is it possible to apply for one while on shore? Or while here in NZ. I am over 30 so too late for a WHV. We are both in NZ.

Has anyone been in the same boat?

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What are the details of birth in Australia? (Nationalities of parents and year of birth)
What are the details of birth in Australia? (Nationalities of parents and year of birth)
His parents were (are) NZ citizens. He was born in 1970. He lived in Australia for approximately 3 years from birth.
Citizenship by birth-before 1 September 1994

People born in Australia on or after 26 January 1949 and before 20 August 1986 became an Australian citizen by birth, with the exception of children born to a parent who was living in Australia temporarily as a diplomat or as the holder of a special purpose visa, for example guests of government, air crew or armed forces and their families.

He maybe a citizen of Australia too?
No, not in a field for skilled migrant.

He is looking into getting his Australian passport, but I am not sure that makes a difference for my visa since he is still an eligible NZ citizen.

I'm prepared for the costs of the partnership visa, but I guess my question is what visa is best to apply for to be able to stay onshore while the temporary or provisional visa is being processed. Or if there is a temporary visa I can apply for while in NZ to be able to stay temporarily while the partnership visa is being processed.

I hope that makes sense...

Thanks again in advance.
Put simply (so as a basic and more to it).

Your Partner gets his Australian passport. You get an ETA.
Both travel to Australia and within 3 months apply for a Partner Visa (820) onshore, after 3 months you are on a Bridging Visa A with full work rights.

You will be eligible for Medicare from application of the 820 acknowledgement.
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