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I can not recall all I learnt and in fact have forgotten, but it was a shyt load of both.

But I will try point form a few (as that is the best way to get answers if you ask them).

* Many apprentices get sent to the store to "ask for a long weight" - I learnt DIBP designed this test and used often till destruction limits on some/many applicants.

* Should you call and ask DIBP for advice and you get a favourable reply verbally or in writing - panic!
a) because they answered the call or email.
b) or it was fast.

* On a more serious note fees can jump at any time by lots 10 years ago it was around $1300 kids included, a few years ago there were 2 massive increases and an alignment increase in around 8 months.

* If anything is not straight forward and over the requirements - consult a RMA after asking a few questions on the forum/s.

* RMA's are not over paid and most seem to have personal experience/s

* 1 RMA seems to have published a book, I doubt it is in the fiction section of a GOOD library.

* I learnt that while I had a shyt time with DIBP during the processes to apply the 820 - I cried over what others went through (That's one tough Chicken!).

* I learnt that Case Officers only get a allocated amount of hours to process an application ( it is around 5 hours) and now it is many case officers - when each new person jumps on hrs are used, so to justify extra gets asked for like form 80, that adds hours a CO can book.

* I learnt there are some bloody good forum members that give lots of time and research lots just to help others.

*Most importantly I learnt that I improved myself, by helping others in the process that I had differences of beliefs in certain areas, that are often contentious.

So enjoy the long weight for your visa and learn and thanks for passing that on - all info is good info and here if it is/becomes wrong it is just said (with a how or why) but kept simple for other readers - so don't take offence if someone says "that's wrong" it is just a clear not for other readers and you can discuss it with them, they don't mind.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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