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Hello everyone,

I am concerned that I may not pass the health assessment portion of the application process, but there doesn't seem to be a clear way of knowing.

There are a series of documents, called 'Notes for Guidance' that help MOCs decide if an applicant (or one of their dependants) will be a burden on the Australian healthcare system.

A couple of these notes for guidance, such as this one, are available online. However, the ones that I would be looking for (namely for autism and ADHD) are nowhere to be found, as confirmed by a FOI request I made earlier last month.

According to the agent responding to the FOI request, "this is a document that is publicly-available via a number of State or
Territory libraries that subscribe to LEGENDcom via the “Library Deposit and Free Issue Scheme” (LDS)".

As I am not in Australia, I certainly cannot pop down to the library to go use LEGENDcom. Is there another way around this?


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