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Off-Shore Partner Visa

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Hi All,

My wife recently visited on visitor visa and went back last week. I want to bring her back here to be with her. From reading the forum and my previous post, trying to waive condition 8503 from a sponsored visitor visa is next to 0%. If it was removed I can apply for On Shore Partner Visa.

I want to know if I were to apply for a visitor visa so soon after she left, would it get the application denied? I want to apply for 6 month stay. She already came to Australia twice before on visitor visa with the 8503 condition.

Another option would be for me apply for Off-Shore visa and then apply visitor visa? Would this make her getting the visitor visa more likely?

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Your best bet, if you are going to apply for a standard tourist visa, is to apply for a 3 month multiple entry one.

It is more likely to be granted with an offshore partner visa in the system.

You generally can't spend more than 12 months on tourist visas in Australia in any 18 month period.
She was last here 2 years ago. Therefore in the last 18 months she was here 2 months (her most recent visit)
In some cases a offshore Partner Visa application can be a benefit in applying for a Visitor Visa, but it is no guarantee.

How long have you been in a relationship?
Is there a wait period as to how long I need to wait before I should apply for the visitor visa after lodging the partner visa?

We have been in the relationship for 5 mths and married for 2 mth
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